Life Sciences leverages MSA’s core competencies - Data Management, Analytics, and Information Technology - and wraps them with domain knowledge and experience to provide healthcare data solutions.

With Life Sciences, you get the benefit of our amazing engineering minds combined with the inside knowledge we’ve gained over the past 15+ years from the healthcare experts on our team.

De-Identification Engine

The importance of privacy is ingrained in the MSA culture.

So it’s no wonder that our De-Identification Engines are the choice of many organizations with world-class healthcare data systems containing highly sensitive information. Our De-ID engines utilize the latest encryption technology, and are completely up-to-date on the new HIPAA defined standards.

For years, we’ve successfully developed and run standard and custom De-ID Engines, and we’re constantly updating our designs -- always leveraging the latest technological and security advancements.

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You have a world-class healthcare data system, but you want it to work harder.

You want to make better decisions with de-identified data.

You want to provide better care with raw clinical data.

MSA’s Clinical Data@Factory™ offers the ideal solution.

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HIPAA Environment Hosting Services

At MSA, we’ve built a reputation on managing quality data with the utmost security and confidentiality, making us a trusted third party for processing and housing sensitive healthcare data?

From our state-of-the-art De-Identification Engines to our Chief Privacy Officer and strict work standards, we set the bar as high as it can go to ensure the safety of highly sensitive and confidential data.

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Transplant Management Systems

Wouldn’t it be great if your transplant management system allowed you to spend more of your valuable time with patients instead of managing data?

MSA Life Sciences’ clinical workflow solutions, EDITLife™ and EDIT™, allow you to do just that, focus on what matters most: patient care. Our team is committed to ensuring that our highly-configurable transplant solutions are easy to use and have the advanced features and functionality that treatment teams need and want to care for their patients.


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