Boost Business Insights with the CDA Infometrics® Program – It’s Free to Join!

MSA is pleased and excited to be working with the Convenience Distribution Association (CDA) and their members currently participating in the CDA InfoMetrics® program. With 55+ distributors participating, the CDA InfoMetrics Program has been a success since its inception in 2009. As the title states, there is no cost for distributors to join, and InfoMetrics provides many key benefits:

  • Access to regional market benchmarking at the category and sub-category level
  • Provides high level read on trends in your region
  • Gauge your performance against the market
  • Potential to create new revenue streams
  • Provides authorized manufacturers and business partners with access to information while maintaining strict confidentiality and security

Additionally, there are other value-added ad hoc services available for immediate use for a nominal fee. Two of the most popular are the Customer Portal and RebateMetrics®.

Customer Portal
The Customer Portal has been a big favorite; distributors heavily utilize the customized Business Review Decks, which are automatically generated with just few clicks and then sent to your email within 15-30 minutes. In very short order, you are able to put together a professional PowerPoint presentation for your key accounts with important KPIs that help both you and your customer run your businesses. Also, within the Customer Portal, distributors have the ability to provide key customers with access to their sales data.

RebateMetrics ®
The RebateMetrics portal is a comprehensive tool for managing and tracking compliance for just about any type of trade program and sales initiative. A key differentiator of RebateMetrics is the ability to push this information to the Customer Portal Business Revew Decks, the G360TM Off-line Order Event Report, as well as the Accru-ITTM rebate management and compliance program.

If you are not currently participating in the CDA InfoMetrics program and would like to learn more about it, please contact either Christina Hyatt at, or Jeff Daugherty at, and they will be able to assist or answer any questions you may have. Both have been supporting the CDA InfoMetrics program for the last 5+ years.