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IMS Sales Execution Solutions

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Sales Execution

Engage the right store at the right time with the right action plan.

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MSA’s Sales Execution solutions provide your sales force with the tools they need for effective and efficient sales calls and key account planning.

Starting with void and out-of-stock alerts, benchmark reports and new item adoption tracking, sales reps can target their calls to the stores with the highest opportunity potential. In-store electronic ordering eliminates cumbersome paper leave-behind order forms, and increases order fulfillment.

Easily configured sales presentations, based on store and SKU-level data, provide the foundation for key account and chain headquarter meetings, engaging your customers in your products and promotions.

Sales Execution Products

A store-level retail sales analysis, execution, and reporting application for manufacturers or distributors, SalesMetrics® provides sales teams with data-driven insights and tools they need for effective in-store sales execution that drives incremental revenue. Enables productive, efficient business reviews, in-store ordering and store surveys even when internet connection is unavailable.
G360 Enrollment & Ordering
In one central application, sales personnel can register retail stores, manage mailing lists, track completed store enrollments and payments, and accrue payments for each store.
e-Order Clearinghouse
Effective, easy-to-use automated ordering process that can receive broker/distributor/ direct sales rep electronic orders and route them to primary distributors in their preferred formats for prompt fulfillment and delivery.