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IMS Market & Consumer Insights Solutions


Market & Consumer Insights

Drive sales and marketing strategy by leveraging tactical insights, customized solutions and embedded analytics.

Insights are the key to successfully making your information resources actionable. Whether it is at the corporate level for strategic direction or at the sales level for improved execution, insights are the drivers of improved business performance.

MSA’s analytic capabilities cover the spectrum, from descriptive analytics providing analysis of what has occurred, to diagnostic understanding of why a situation or event happened in the industry. More advanced analytics provide predictive and prescriptive analysis, helping our clients prepare for, and more quickly respond to, changes in the marketplace.

MSA delivers insights that best fit our clients’ needs — as part of our regular reporting in a mobile platform or in fully prepared sales presentations. These insights, derived through a well-developed analytical approach, highlight business opportunities that are not easily noticeable in the data, generating millions of dollars in increased ROI across many demand chain activities.

Market & Consumer Insights Products

C-Metrics™ projects weekly category and unit volume from a large, unique data set of distributor shipment volume across the United States. It offers an affordable and effective way to obtain up-to-date regional (five regions) information on C-Store categories or products, helping you to understand competitive product positions within your category or view adjacent categories to identify market trends.