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IMS Trade Program Management Solutions


Trade Program Management

Manage trade programs with payment-quality compliance data, at the store level, from planning to fulfillment.


MSA-managed data is payment quality and SOX compliant. Because we deliver data at the most granular level – store and SKU – you can make payments on true store performance, not an aggregate or average level.

We can help identify areas of opportunity to build into your program, from growth targets to new item and promotion adoption.

Whatever your payment period – quarterly, biannually, or annually – we perform regular compliance cycles, reporting on a store’s progress toward goals, and sales opportunities necessary for earning an incentive payment. Electronic ordering provides prompt processing and fulfillment of orders.

When the payment period is complete, MSA will calculate the earned payment, process any exceptions and generate a payment feed to you or your bank, along with all of the detail needed for bank statements and necessary reporting for your sales and marketing teams.

Trade Program Management Products

G360Rebates™/Payment Solutions
Partial or comprehensive solutions that allow for planning, enrollment, managing and tracking rebate program compliance and post event analysis, as well as specific sales initiatives. Unlike other offerings, MSA’s process combines wholesaler, chain and store-level visibility with automated order fulfillment to ensure trade incentive programs meet goals and deliver incremental sales.
MyTradePrograms (MTP)
A user-friendly, web-based interface for enrolling individual retail stores and large chains, MTP easily integrates with a user’s SFA application. Create custom store lists, filter to identify nearby target accounts and view enrollment status.
A user-friendly interface for retailer enrollment compatible with SFA applications.  Create custom store lists, filter to identify nearby target accounts and view enrollment status wherever you are.
G360 Enrollment & Ordering
In one central application, sales personnel can register retail stores, manage mailing lists, track completed store enrollments and payments, and accrue payments for each store.
e-Order Clearinghouse
Effective, easy-to-use automated ordering process that can receive broker/distributor/direct sales rep electronic orders and route them to primary distributors in their preferred formats for prompt fulfillment and delivery.