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Business Analysis Overview

Every day MSA’s Business Analysis (BA) division creates custom analytics to provide new growth opportunities, brand awareness, capture industry trends, and develop more solutions for CPG companies and other industries.


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Direct Marketing for the Performing Arts

MSA provides performing arts organizations with complete analytics-driven Direct Marketing program management solutions that grow their subscriptions or single ticket sales for an upcoming season or performances.

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Mobile Couponing for Direct Marketing

MSA has been providing clients with a complete Direct Marketing (DM) program management solution for many years.  Now, MSA has added new Mobile Couponing features to enhance coupon redemption among consumers.

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Out-Of-Stock (OOS) Prevention

MSA works with Retailer clients to provide them with a more accurate method of identifying if a product in any of its locations is heading towards being OOS with enough advanced warning that it can be reordered before it does so, thus avoiding any missed sales opportunities.

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Retail Segmentation
Retail Store Segmentation

MSA provides clients with a holistic analysis of their total retail environment so as to optimize their distribution networks, brand mixes at stores, sales force deployments and new product introductions, all with the sole purpose of maximizing brand sales.

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Retail Analytics

MSA works with clients to maximize their brand sales through optimizing the distribution of the right products, to the right places, with the right amount of marketing support, for all retail environments.

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Marketing ROI Optimization

MSA works with clients to maximize their return on marketing investments: across markets, across a portfolio of brands, and across a myriad of diverse marketing activities.

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Price Promotion Optimization

Since pricing is one of the key marketing levers for almost all brands, MSA works with clients to help them better understand the effects of different price promotion strategies on brand sales.

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Marketing Analytics Applications

MSA knows that some clients prefer to have access to analytical tools internally, rather than having to request outside suppliers for data output and answers every time there is a need.

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Ticketing Sales Forecasting

For over 10 years, MSA has been providing performing arts companies in the U.S. and overseas with ticket sales forecasts for their upcoming seasons.

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