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Life Sciences Overview

The Healthcare and Life Sciences industries, focused on advancing human health, continue to face data management challenges, including constantly evolving regulations, interoperability challenges, increased security threats, and movement towards value-based care. MSA Life Sciences supports these industries by providing innovative and flexible software solutions that address these challenges, unleashing the power of healthcare data and enabling customers to drive healthcare forward, grow their business, and stay ahead of the competition.

For decades, MSA Life Sciences has been an industry leader, analyzing healthcare data, developing systems, and creating IT infrastructures. The Division applies MSA’s core competencies – Data Management, Business Analytics, and Information Technology – to the following practice areas:

  • Healthcare Data Management – Patented technologies that de-identify, align, integrate, aggregate, improve, and protect healthcare data.
  • Healthcare Data Infusion, and Analytics – Provider of targeted healthcare data (Lab, Medical Claims, EHR, and Digital Behavioral) and sophisticated data analytics.
  • Clinical Workflow Applications – Software for the data and clinical workflow management of Blood and Marrow Transplant (BMT) and Cell Therapy Clinics, Stem Cell Labs, and Solid Organ Transplant Programs.
  • Healthcare Mobile Apps – Innovative mobile apps that improve health and fitness using the data on smart phones to measure and improve how individuals manage their health.

Keep checking back with us – we are continually creating new and better ways to harness information!


Healthcare Data Management

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, the need for accurate, accessible, and connected patient information is critical, and often lifesaving. The volume and variety of healthcare data is growing exponentially and can only lead to actionable insights when properly managed.

Relied upon by leaders in the industry to thrive in an era of value-based care, MSA Life Sciences’ Healthcare Data Management (HCDM) team delivers data solutions that advance interoperability, improve security, and make it easy to capture, store, integrate, analyze, and report HIPAA-protected data. HCDM’s innovative solutions provide an up-to-360° view of the patient journey, diverse data together quickly, accurately, and securely for advanced analytics that lead to data-informed strategies, greater efficiencies, and ultimately, a competitive advantage.

For decades, MSA HCDM has provided the most credentialed (certified security/privacy and multi-patented, leading-edge technologies), most trusted (highest quality data and unequalled patient-data matching rates), and most configurable (flexible data formats and numerous deployment options) de-identification and integration solutions and services. Experts in normalizing, validating, securing and protecting, de-identifying, integrating and consolidating data from multiple data sources – such as Claims, Labs, EHR, Transaction, and Registry data – MSA HCDM provides quality information for modeling and sophisticated analytics.

MSA’s proprietary De-Identification Engine (De-ID Engine) and Data@Factory mitigate privacy risks, supporting the use of healthcare data to better understand consumer/patient experiences and behaviors.

MSA De-ID Engine

Utilizing a HIPAA-compliant, standardized methodology across data sources and data sets, MSA’s De-ID Engine’s two main functions enhance the sharing of information:

  1. De-identification of the data set (including removing, encrypting, and obfuscating protected health information).
  2. Insertion of one or more non-reversible tokens for matching individual records across different data sets.

Unique features of the MSA De-ID Engine include:

  • Flexible deployment – our De-ID Engine can be deployed within MSA’s HIPAA-certified, HITRUST environment or within the source company’s environment
  • Data Cleansing – robust process performed prior to de-identification
  • Token Quality – token byte maps measure the quality of token data
  • Multi-Layered Encryption – prevents data dictionary and other security attacks
  • Non-Patient Token Data – data encryption and/or obfuscation of non-patient token fields

MSA Data@Factory

De-identified data is processed through the Data@Factory, which aligns disparate formats into a common scheme, creates field consistency, standardizes fields across sources, removes duplicates, verifies data quality, processes exceptions, and performs patient matching across one or more sources. Using patient tokens and ancillary patient data, the Data@Factory assigns an anonymous ID that is as strong as using PHI but without the risk of identification, enabling MSA HCDM to deliver anonymous, longitudinally aligned patient-level databases.

The industry’s most trusted 3rd party partner for secure data sharing, MSA HCDM’s De-Identification Engine and Data@Factory technologies eliminate barriers to utilizing disparate data from multiple sources while protecting privacy. Together with providing targeted healthcare data, MSA HCDM’s patient-level data de-identification, integration, and data management solutions increase an organization’s chances of regulatory and commercial success.

Why trust your data with anyone else?

Clinical Workflow Applications

The MSA EDITLife data and clinical workflow management software system was designed with/for physicians and clinicians specifically for BMT/Cell Therapy Transplant Clinics, Stem Cell Processing Labs, and/or Solid Organ Transplant Programs. The comprehensive EDITLife system provides:

  • Cell Therapy Software
    • Blood and Marrow Transplant (Autologous and Allogeneic)
    • CAR-T Infusion
  • Stem Cell Processing Lab Software: LABHero
    • Product, Reagents/Supplies, Kits, and Equipment Inventory Management
    • Protocol Management
  • Solid Organ Transplant Software
    • Heart
    • Lung
    • Liver
    • Kidney
    • Pancreas

LABHero, EDITLife’s fully integrated module for the Stem Cell Processing Lab, helps labs improve data/product quality. State-of-the art LABHero software manages cell products from Collection through Infusion, focusing on product processing and product inventory/storage, and Donor activities involved with Screening, Eligibility, Scheduling, and Collection.

The user-friendly Ad Hoc Reporting Module enables users to create, store, publish, and print formatted “on demand” reports (basic and advanced) utilizing a protected, read-only view of discrete data. Report data can be exported to spreadsheet/analytical applications, such as Microsoft Excel, SAS, and SPSS, for further manipulation. EDITLife enhances analytic and reporting capabilities by:

  • Providing easy access to more discrete transplant/cell therapy-specific data than any other commercial system.
  • Enabling users to easily create any number of ad hoc reports.
  • Including advanced analytics tools, such as the Kaplan Meier tool for estimating survival probability.

A web-based application that seamlessly connects to EHRs and other existing hospital systems, EDITLife increases operational efficiencies and helps transplant/infusion programs maintain regulatory compliance.

Intuitive software that mirrors the clinical workflow, EDITLife has the tools needed to manage clinical data and processes from referral to post-transplant/infusion for both adult and pediatric patients. Built on a single platform, EDITLife captures, stores, organizes, meaningfully displays, and reports transplant-specific data. The software system provides a shared, comprehensive view of recipient, donor, product, and provider data across the entire continuum of care.

Advanced functionality and automated features digitize clinical workflows. Increasing productivity and giving the care team more time to focus on patient care, increases both staff and patient satisfaction.

Offering tools for transplant coordination and scheduling, inventory management, and quality reporting, the patient-centric EDITLife system:

  • Facilitates data-driven decision-making.
  • Improves communication – a centralized database enables all care team members to view the same real-time data, resulting in better planning and timing.
  • Enhances data integrity – e.g., in/outbound interfaces between EDITLife and the EHR reduce manual/duplicate data entry and associated errors.

Continual support from a team of seasoned professionals ensures that the EDITLife system is an integral part of operations. The team works closely with customers during installation (including legacy data migration and configuration) and provides ongoing maintenance and support long after go-live.

Transplant leaders across the country rely on MSA’s clinical workflow applications to streamline and grow their programs. Shouldn’t you?

Mobile Applications

HealthMetric App ꓲ Product Description
HealthMetric helps you reach personalized health goals with proprietary health and fitness programs – fueled by the biometric data already on your smart phone or watch. We convert vast amounts of biometric data into a simple, unified Health Metric Score.

Our meticulously crafted health and fitness programs suggest daily activities, nutritional guidelines, and limits designed to meet a specific goal: lost weight, train for an event, sleep better, and more. HealthMetric offers future predictions of success based on your historical data – a feature offered by no other Health and Fitness app.

HealthMetric customizes your health journey – helping you reach your goals and stay actively engaged with your health.

Set your goals.
See daily progress.
Beat our predictions.

What’s Your Health Metric?

HealthMetric PORTAL ꓲ Product Description
The HealthMetric app helps people reach personalized health goals fueled by biometric data already on their smart phone or watch.

The HealthMetric PORTAL enables a Physical Trainer, Physical Therapist, or Gym Owner to guide clients in their individual health journeys using the same biometric data – shared from the HealthMetric app.

A Physical Trainer can set health goals for a client remotely, monitor progress toward those goals, and make recommendations over time to better guide a client’s individual progress toward a goal.

The HealthMetric PORTAL provides a direct connection with fitness clients when you can’t meet with them face-to-face – a requirement in a post-COVID age.

Connect with clients remotely.
Set daily goals.
See daily progress.
Drive revenue.