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Life Sciences Overview

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, the need for accessible, connected, accurate, and actionable patient information is critical, and often lifesaving. MSA Life Sciences proudly delivers innovative clinical workflow and data management solutions relied upon by leaders in the Life Sciences industry to improve outcomes and thrive in an era of value based care.

The volume and variety of healthcare data is growing exponentially. Because managing all that data is a daunting task, our IT experts develop state-of-the-art software solutions that advance interoperability, improve security, and make it easy to capture, store, integrate, analyze, and report HIPAA-protected data in a way that yields practical insights that turn data into action.  MSA Life Sciences solutions help healthcare organizations make the informed decisions required to improve the population health, reduce costs, and obtain an up to 360° view of the patient journey.

Our newest focus is on developing a world-class health and fitness mobile application that uses the data on smart phones to measure how well individuals are managing their health.

Keep your eye on us – we are continually creating new and better ways to harness information!


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Healthcare Data Management

Big data does not lead to actionable insights unless it is managed and secured properly to recognize insights from sparse data. MSA Healthcare Data Management (HCDM) has been doing just that for a long time – developing healthcare data management solutions that unleash the power of data.

We are experts in normalizing, validating, securing and protecting, de-identifying, integrating and consolidating data from multiple data sources – such as claims, labs, EMR, and registry data – in order to provide quality information for modeling and sophisticated analytics. MSA allows you to focus your time, attention, and financial resources not on integrating and cleaning data for analysis but on taking the actions needed to improve care.

MSA HCDM offers data management, data integration, de-identification and lab data solutions that help demonstrate value to stakeholders and increase an organization’s chances of regulatory and commercial success.

Leading healthcare and life science organizations turn to MSA to process a very large volume of healthcare-related data, making MSA HCDM the industry’s most trusted 3rd party partner for secure data sharing. Why trust your data with anyone else?

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Clinical Workflow Applications

Transplant leaders across the country rely on MSA’s clinical workflow applications to streamline and grow their programs. Shouldn’t you?

Developed by MSA Life Sciences IT experts, web-based EDITLife® is a powerful and innovative transplant management system (TMS) that supports transplant centers performing blood and marrow transplant, solid organ transplants, or both. EDITLife BMT supports Autologous and Allogeneic (Related, Unrelated, and Cord) transplant types. EDITLife Solid Organ supports Heart, Lung, Liver, Kidney, and Pancreas transplants.

Built with transplant clinicians for transplant clinicians, EDITLife has everything needed to manage the clinical workflow for both adult and pediatric patients, from referral to post-transplant, all neatly packaged into one amazing, easy-to-use software system.

EDITLife captures, organizes, and provides a comprehensive view of transplant recipient, donor, product, and provider data across the entire continuum of care. Advanced functionality, such as the ability to seamlessly interface with EHRs and other hospital systems, and automated features such as Checklists and Patient Lists streamline your clinical workflow, increase productivity and efficiency while enhancing patient care.

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Mobile Applications

In the Life Science division we are leveraging our team’s strength in building solutions for healthcare workflow management as well as data analytics and have added new expertise to our team for mobile app development. We are currently looking for partners within the healthcare and fitness space to build out B2B mobile applications for clinicians within hospitals, private clinics, health care systems, as well as fitness and wellness centers. Our goal is to be the leader in translating vast amounts of personalized patient health data into useful trends that lead to better informed medical and fitness decisions.

In 2018 the Life Sciences division launched into the world of mobile health and fitness application development with its first B2C product, HealthMetric. This mobile application is the first step towards cutting edge ways to convert personal health data into actionable information.

What does HealthMetric do? It converts all of the health and fitness data that a person chooses to capture through multiple apps (activity, diet, sleep, mindfulness, doctor appointments, etc.) on a smartphone phone and simplifies all of that information into ONE, easy to understand Health Metric score based on personal goals set by the user.

The HealthMetric score and trackable graphed trends let users know how responsible they are being with overall health and fitness plans, where to take action to meet personal goals, and allows users to easily share this information with health care providers and fitness coaches.