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IMS Data Warehousing Solutions

IMS offers outstanding solutions for businesses throughout the supply chain.

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing, ETL, master data management, and data preparation solutions for consolidating, managing, governing, and integrating disparate data into an enterprise platform for BI and analytics.

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This is the one of the greatest challenges facing most organizations today – and one of the most difficult to overcome. Successful Data Warehousing starts with a strong understanding of the data itself: how it was generated, who generated it, and what it measures.

This is the foundation for all of our integration, harmonization, and visualization efforts. With over fifty years’ experience working with the data sources driving the CPG industry, we have leveraged this expertise to appropriately apply technology to deliver an enterprise platform that can be used across the organization.

MSA’s data warehousing system provides for one source of truth across the organization, allowing for a cohesive focus on the real business issues with a common language and measurement across all business activities.

From data ingestion through master data management to the data warehouse or lake, MSA’s proven process provides clean, payment-quality data that will drive your business to a greater level of success. MSA can provide everything from executive dashboards to sales presentations to ad hoc query capability for analysts, delivering high quality data analytics to most any device for employees, whether presenting in a corporate boardroom or at a customer location.

Data Warehousing Products

Reseller Information System (RIS)
Supply chain data at its most granular level, RIS provides actionable insights from distributors’ total retail shipments — by SKU and Promo – at chain and store-level. RIS data helps CPG firms maximize market share, and provides the foundation for more profitable sales execution and trade program management with payment-quality data.
Retail Scan Solution (RSS)
Enhance retail sales and trade marketing effectiveness with retail scan data insights from a continually expanding data set of thousands of independent stores. Our system looks for missing data or data that does not appear to be in line with master lists or with previously supplied data. Our Retailer Support Center works closely with retailers to understand and resolve potential data inaccuracies.
Custom Data Warehousing Solutions
We offer custom solutions for clients needing to integrate multiple sets of data beyond what would typically fall under an RIS or RSS data cleansing, harmonization and analytics solution.
A powerful web-based BI application and reporting tool with ad hoc capability, MobileMetrics® generates analytics and illustrates results with intuitive, interactive data visualizations. View, analyze, build, and share dashboards any time, on most any device, using any browser.
A web-based reporting tool for distributor-to-retail sales data, InfoMetrics® helps wholesalers and manufacturers conduct retail distribution and sales performance analysis by store to improve category, sales and inventory management. Standard reports identify item voids and gap fill opportunities to provide immediate revenue growth possibilities per sales rep.