New Mobile Coupon App for CPG

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MSA offers a complete Direct Marketing Program Management solution. Until recently, the program focused on sending DM mailers and email (eDM) to select consumers from large opt-in databases owned by clients. One of our DM solution clients then challenged us to add a Mobile Coupon app feature to our solution so as to enhance their DM program managed by MSA.

App Features
MSA’s newly developed Mobile Coupon app can serve targeted consumers coupons on their smartphones to purchase certain promoted products.

MSA’s proprietary app has several key features:
1) It can provide multiple digital coupons each week to preregistered consumers, redeemable at participating retail outlets.
2) A coupon offer by retail outlet list is served based on the consumer’s mobile phone geolocation. The participating retail outlets list can be updated on a weekly basis.
3) A mobile coupon offer can be activated when a consumer’s location is within a one-mile radius of a selected retail outlet.
4) Consumers then have 8 minutes to present coupon offer at the retailer’s checkout before the offer expires.

MSA’s Mobile Coupon app is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

To see a live demo of this app, please contact Joe Reddy (, Vice President