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ITSS Solutions Overview

When your IT infrastructure runs like a well-oiled machine, your business will too.

We know, because MSA has been delivering IT services and solutions for over 50 years – since 1963! We run like a well-oiled machine and can deliver solutions that will enable your IT infrastructure to do the same.

We work as an extension of your IT organization, customizing our services to fit your needs. And while our technical solutions are impressive, the benefits they deliver are outstanding.

Our solutions can help you eliminate expenses, improve security, avoid downtime, reduce the risk of disaster, make your processes more efficient, provide a competitive advantage, and increase your profitability. We do this by allowing you to do what you do best – focus on your core business.



MSA owns and operates two of the best and most secure data centers in Western PA offering full Regional RedundancyTier III performance and compliance via annual SSAE 18 SOC audits.

MSA can provide a full suite, a private cage or any amount of rack space that meets your IT infrastructure needs.  If you are looking for an outstanding colocation solution, MSA has what it takes.

    • MSA has invested millions of dollars in two highly secure, state-of-the-art data centers so that your company doesn’t have to make similar large capital investments.
    • Our data centers are powered by separate utility companies, maintain N+1 and 2N generator back-up power, are connected by redundant fiber rings, and can be accessed by multiple communication providers.
    • Physical security is paramount and includes tiers of multi-factor authentication access controls, as well as a full range of internal and external video monitoring.
    • We offer best-in-class technology skills; with the largest staff of data center specialists and technical staff in the region.
    • Both of MSA’s data centers maintain fully staffed control centers, operating 24/7/365. We provide continuous monitoring and are available for round-the-clock onsite support for your critical IT infrastructure.
    • MSA can provide hybrid options including the use of colocation as an alternative, adjunct, or bridge to cloud migration, as well as options for data replication and disaster recovery across separate redundant sites.
    • With MSA providing security and support for your infrastructure, your IT organization can focus on the strategic initiatives that will provide critical business growth and success.
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MSA FlexCloud

Our proprietary private, public and hybrid cloud solutions are designed and developed to fit your specific technology and business requirements – sized for your needs and your budget.

The flexibility and cost benefits of cloud deployments can be enticing, but security and resource control may be preventing you from leveraging the public cloud as a solution for your organization.

MSA can provide hybrid solutions that deliver the benefits of the public cloud while striking a balance with the security, compliance and control of private dedicated infrastructure.

MSA FlexCloud® solutions fulfill the need.  We can provide you with customized solutions designed to fit your specific technology and business requirements.

MSA can:

  • Create the optimum combination of private and public cloud resources, sized for your budget and your business.
  • Provide cost-effective scalability with billing optimization. Pay for exactly what you need when you need it and no more.
  • Deliver cloud resources that work effectively in concert with your applications and infrastructure colocated in MSA’s data centers or those at your own facility.
  • Leverage connectivity solutions to mitigate network performance issues that can impact critical applications.
  • Deliver hybrid solutions that integrate compliance considerations, migration planning, transition assistance, project management, cost monitoring and controls.
  • Host application servers backed by failover to a private cloud, the public cloud or both.
  • Provide synchronization and communication between any combination of private cloud, public cloud, and existing infrastructure.
  • Provide the expertise to help you manage, allocate and integrate your IT resources.


Cloud Services

MSA maintains partnerships with some of the largest public cloud service providers in the world – scaling their costs and services to the size and scope that match your business requirements.

Transitioning to the cloud raises many questions:
What should be in the cloud? What shouldn’t? What are the costs? What are the risks? Which cloud provider is best for my requirements? Public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid combo? Are there compliance issues? Once our data is in the cloud, how do we get it back?

MSA’s cloud experts can provide guidance and experience that will make your transition to cloud-based resources more efficient and more effective by:

  • Leading or assisting in the design, development and implementation of best-in-class public, private and hybrid FlexCloud solutions.
  • Identifying the best applications, processes and workloads for cloud resources and sequencing the transitions.
  • Creating migration plans and schedules for moving existing workloads from current infrastructure to the most appropriate and cost-effective cloud infrastructure.
  • Supplementing your staff with cloud domain expertise that will allow your team to reduce the learning curve, optimize results and control costs.
  • Providing cost and utilization monitoring capabilities including the use of automated monitoring and audit controls.
  • Maintaining compliance within a secure appropriate public cloud environment.
  • Delivering the same off-hours monitoring support for your cloud environment that we provide for physical infrastructure in our data center.
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Disaster Recovery

As one of our core competencies, MSA provides effective solutions to customers of all sizes for their DR/BC needs.

Our DR clients range in size from a large multi-national corporation to a small local non-profit.

Whether you are just starting your DR/BC planning, or need to improve your existing program, MSA has the experience and technical infrastructure to help you implement the most appropriate solution by providing the security, redundancy, flexibility and resilience to meet your DR requirements.

Security: MSA has two fully Regional Redundant Data Centers that provide the highly secure core of our DR services. The physical and digital security of our facilities is state-of-the-art and confirmed annually by SSAE 18 SOC audits.

  • Redundancy: MSA’s solutions include virtual, physical and software appliances as well as a variety of storage options. Our data centers are powered by separate utility companies, connected by redundant fiber rings, and can be accessed by multiple communication providers.
  • Flexibility: MSA’s extensive experience with DR enables us to assist our clients in designing, implementing and testing customized solutions. Every organization, regardless of size or budget, requires a disaster plan. MSA can help build one to meet your specific needs.
  • Resilience: MSA’s DR solutions will protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your data. We provide solutions that can reduce your vulnerabilities, improve your security and minimize the risk of business disruptions.

MSA provides “best practice” solutions by assisting with the design, implementation and testing of customized solutions for:

  • DR/BC planning
  • Cloud based DR/BC solutions
  • Remote backup and replication
  • Recovery strategies
  • Exercising and maintaining the DR/BC plan
  • Selection of a recovery center/location


Data Center Support Services

MSA owns and maintains two of the best colocation facilities in the Pittsburgh region. Whether you are outgrowing your current data center, or if data center operations have become critical to your business, MSA can provide your company with highly secure space at one of our Fully Regional Redundant Data Centers.

    • Security: The security of your data is MSA’s top priority. MSA’s data centers provide outstanding physical security, including multi-factor authentication access controls. Our networks include firewalls, routers and switches that are hardened to strict industry guidelines and are subject to vulnerability scans, risk assessments and routine audits. As a result, MSA’s data centers pass SSAE 18 SOC audits on a regular basis.
    • FlexibilityMSA can provide a full suite, a private cage, multiple racks or a single rack – depending on your needs. We provide both off-the-shelf services and customized solutions. Our data center clients can choose the services they require, including the latest in colocation, private or public clouds, disaster recovery, communications, networking solutions and more. We allow you to invest in only what you need without having to pay for services you may not want.
    • Staffing: MSA’s team of talented and experienced IT professionals can deliver a full range of skills to both onsite and remote clients. Our team can address challenges with servers, storage, virtualization, networking, cloud management and more. Our teams of infrastructure specialists, network engineers, systems administrators and technicians are ready to deliver the services necessary to support your IT environment – 24/7/365. These services can range from a simple set of remote hands to supplement existing staff, all the way up to a comprehensive combination of cost-effective outsource solutions.
    • Connectivity: MSA also offers flexibility in communication options. We offer access to multiple communication providers at each of our facilities, as well as the option for our clients to provide for and manage their own connectivity. We offer a redundant, multi-provider internet bandwidth solution that utilizes BGP technology to mitigate internet outages. We can also utilize our redundant fiber rings to replicate data across two separate facilities to ensure the safety and integrity of our clients’ data.


Service Desk / Help Desk

MSA’s Command Operations Center, located across two separate data centers, provides the support staff to fulfill or supplement your technical service desk and help desk needs.  We provide flexible options such as:

    • After hours technical calls: Providing coverage for handling Tier 1 technical calls, with options to escalate to your organization or MSA for Level 2 or 3 support engineers.
    • External Help Desk Support: For organizations looking to outsource their help desk needs, MSA provides help desk support to field and resolve the issues experienced by users for devices, systems or applications.
    • Failover Support: MSA provides failover support for technical calls and help desk support, allowing you to be assured of burst coverage when you need it.
Download our Service Desk / Help Desk brochure


OpenVMS Solutions

For over 30 years, MSA has provided flexible and comprehensive support for our customers running VMS. From remote support, to hardware selection, to system health checks, MSA covers all aspects of maintaining and upgrading your legacy platform.

  • Remote Support:  From second line VMS support to a fully managed implementation, MSA can provide you with experienced VMS experts to maintain your environment. Whether you need assistance with troubleshooting issues, managing rollouts, or monitoring performance so issues do not result in degradation, MSA’s VMS staff is available 24/7/365 to support your implementation.
  • System Health Baselines:  A concentrated look at the Operating System provides a baseline of the need for any remedial actions before issues arise. Depending on your needs, MSA’s consulting staff is able to generate an analysis of recommended actions and, for customers who choose, MSA can perform further corrective actions to optimize your implementation.
  • Hardware Support:  MSA’s extensive experience with VMS extends to the selection and maintenance of hardware. Our knowledge and relationships allow us to procure any and all parts to support your VMS implementation. We can install and configure all of the equipment, and train your staff on use. Regional customers can also benefit from our on-site hardware support.
  • ​Upgrade Planning and Support:  With extensive experience in both VAX and Alpha / Integrity implementations, MSA works with our customers to manage and plan for upgrades from VAX to newer platforms. Our services range from high level management of the process, to fully managed upgrade implementations.

ITSS - Work Area Recovery - Icon

Work Area Recovery

Most businesses have taken steps to protect themselves against data loss and disasters that impact their facilities and their data centers by preparing an IT disaster recovery plan. But what about the people? What if an organization’s primary work area, such as an office building, is suddenly unavailable or destroyed?

MSA’s Work Area Recovery Services address the need for a secure and functioning alternate work environment where key personnel can work in the aftermath of an emergency that renders their normal work space inaccessible or unusable.

MSA Work Area Recovery Facilities
MSA provides workspace and work seats at three locations in the Pittsburgh area. Workspace is configured to meet the needs of each client and includes, at a minimum, table/desk and chair for each employee, access to shared conference rooms and technical support services. Other services are available and customizable, depending upon the client’s requirements, e.g., VoIP phones, workstation PCs, network and voice connectivity.

When disaster strikes, MSA’s alternate work environments help companies resume normal business operations as quickly as possible by enabling employees to stay productive.

Components of MSA’s Work Area Recovery Solution (customizable)

  • WorkSpace/Seats
  • Table/desk + chair
  • Access to shared conference room
  • Access to printer/copier/scanner
  • Access to fax machine


  • Phones (VoIP)
  • Workstation PCs
  • Internet access
  • Network connectivity

Data Centers

Evergreen Heights

Our newest facility is designed from the ground up to exceed Tier III uptime standards. The data center includes over 15,500 square feet of raised floor space situated in a 65,000 square foot bunker-like facility nested into a protective hillside north of Pittsburgh.


MSA’s original facility is our prototype data center delivering Tier III uptime performance. The entire facility consists of 42,000 square feet with 20,000 square feet of raised floor space. The “Rock” is located farther away from Pittsburgh to provide for a significant mileage buffer but still accessible from around the region


MSA Data Center facilities are audited annually for SOC 2 Type 2 (SSAE 18) compliance. Based on AICPA (American Institute of CPAs) guidelines, the SOC 2 Type 2 report is considered the most comprehensive certification within the Systems and Organization Controls protocol. Organizations seeking an Information Technology (IT) services provider will find SOC 2 Type 2 compliance provides a high level of trust and confidence in the ability of the provider to carry out its mission.

An independent annual audit for compliance with SOC 2 Type 2 standards plays a critical role in helping IT service providers demonstrate the effectiveness of controls relevant to Security, Availability, Confidentiality, Processing Integrity and Privacy. An IT service provider that has been certified to have achieved SOC 2 Type 2 compliance has proven its systems and controls are designed to keep its clients’ sensitive data secure. When it comes to working with data center, IT and cloud services, demonstrated performance and reliability are absolutely essential and compliance with AICPA standards is required by regulators, examiners, and auditors.