In the wild world of consumer packaged goods, the competition is fierce, the consumers are fickle and the supply chain with the fewest kinks wins.

Here, data is king. And that’s where IMS comes in. Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor or broker, we provide the highest quality data to give you that all-important edge.
Want to spot and take advantage of new trends? No problem.
Need to know what independent stores have the highest potential for your products?  Easy as pie.
Want to set up electronic-ordering of products for stores and leave messy paper forms behind? We got it.
Our team can help you soup to nuts. And we have the chops to prove it. For over forty years, we’ve performed wonders for giants in health and beauty, household goods, beverages, snacks and confections, tobacco products, vending, publishing, retail and distribution and more.
And we can do it for you. At a price tag you’ll buy.
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