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Media Industries

If you’re looking for media solutions that deliver big benefits, stay tuned. The pros in Media at MSA are here to help.

We offer software that enables you to manage sales, scheduling, billing and trafficking.

We offer reports that verify whether advertising ran and delivered as promised.

We offer a state-of-the-art dynamic scheduling solution that helps maximize revenue opportunities.

And we offer advanced modeling techniques to help you evaluate media, programs, time slots and viewership, as well as explore the what-ifs of making a change.

Our innovative solutions have clicked with cable companies, ad agencies and advertisers that are looking to gain a competitive edge, and enjoy better solutions at cost-effective prices.

Cable Networks

Competition among cable networks for viewership and advertisers is heating up as the number of networks increase and new digital delivery systems are unveiled.

You need weapons that provide superior knowledge and greater efficiency. Let our experts in Media come to the rescue.  We’ll arm you with solutions that help you attract advertisers, retain them and run a more profitable operation across the board.

Get a better view of your inventory. Gain the most revenue from each time slot. Explore the what-ifs of making a change. And discover better ways to manage everything from sales to trafficking to promotions.

We can help you achieve it all. So you’re more profitable. More efficient. And more tuned in to your business.

Advertising Agencies

Your clients dream of Super Bowl-sized audiences. If only they had the budgets to match.

Still, there are ways to maximize the dollars and inventory at hand. Look to our experts for help delivering the best venues at the best prices – with data to back up and track your recommendations. And look to our reports for a log of as-run ads, and how they align with your contracts. It’s a sure path to client happiness.

We can improve your relationship with cable networks, too. Our software makes data interchange easy, so you can keep better track of billing and contracts.


Your budget is your budget. And you want to make the most of every penny.

Let the experts in Media at MSA help you make sure you’re spending your money wisely – and that your campaign contracts are being fulfilled as promised.