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Gaming Solutions

Measure casino performance, improve patron experience and maximize win using MSA analytics. By covering casino operations as well as marketing, casinos can depend on MSA's expertise in evaluation of gaming opportunities to improve your next moves.

MSA helps improve performance of slot machines in many ways, including machine placement and incentivizing patrons to play specific machines. Slot manufacturers seek actionable insights that MSA provides based on analysis of player demographics and competitive behavior. Casinos benefit as operators can depend upon suggestions from MSA's leading-edge software solutions that help slot managers optimize your casino floor.

Maximizing casino profits is essential in today's competitive market. MSA models, apps, software, and over 50 years of analytical experience with consumer behavior will help keep your casino profitable and enable you to be more knowledgeable about your patrons. MSA analyzing your data on an ongoing basis and delivering updated insights and suggestions can provide what you need to keep implementing the best decisions.

Proposals and changes in laws affecting the industry in the U.S. may enable casino operators to find and develop new opportunities and competitive advantages. MSA's casino analytical teams are available to help you analyze and integrate your data with industry and environmental data to enable your casino to continue being a key competitor without having to gamble on its future.

MSA has conducted and completed many projects for most top global gaming companies by creating customized tools and apps for some of the most popular U.S. and Southeast Asia casinos.


Casino Gaming App

Enables patrons to view relevant game statistics in real-time and play kiosk games from their mobile phones. It also helps patrons keep up to date on their account information, including the rewards they have earned or are close to having earned.

Rewards related features:

  • Notify the patron of unused free play, or other promotional opportunities
  • Alert the patron to special offers based on gaming activity
  • Patrons can view account status – points earned today and total points
  • Patrons can access the information that would be available on the website

Kiosk related features:

  • Display kiosk games played, games available, and the number of points needed to trigger the next kiosk game
  • Alert the patron when a new kiosk game has been triggered
  • Allow patron to play kiosk games using the mobile phone instead of an actual kiosk
  • Allow patron to check in for drawings, if the phone is geo-located within the casino
Download more information about the Casino Gaming App


    SportsBook Exchange

    SportsBook ExchangeSM streamlines and eliminates cumbersome manual steps to facilitate handling the larger number of possible layoff partners created by expanded legalization. It also provides authenticated transaction confirmations for all parties.

    How it works:

    • Post layoff bets for other SportsBook’s to view in real-time
      • Line
      • Total
      • Money Line
    • Specify an expiration date/time or set layoff to automatically expire 5 minutes prior to the event
    • Real-time dashboard to monitor layoffs
    • Ability to place a 15 minute exclusive hold on a layoff before accepting
    • SportsBook’s can accept full or partial layoff bets
    • Checks and balances for your SportsBook including:
      • Management approval when layoffs exceed a certain dollar threshold
      • Second person confirmation when layoffs exceed a certain dollar threshold
      • Acknowledgement required when the dollar amounts or odds exceed a limit
    Download information about Sports Book Exchange



      Provides game manufacturers and casino operators with insights on slot machine performance, including how performance varies over time and across different demographic groups.

      For Casino Operators:

      • Identify popular games
      • Use trial and repeat data to predict a game's future success
      • Recognize games that are popular with a particular audience
      • Receive compensation from game manufacturers in the form of free game conversion kits
      • Provide valuable information that will influence the design of new games

      For Gaming Manufacturers

      • Compare your most popular games against those of competitors'
      • Determine which demographic groups prefer to play each title
      • Understand the behavior of players on games
      • Use trial and repeat data to identify games that are a  long-term winner for your company
      Download information about SpinSights


        Universal Floor Optimizer

        Universal Floor Optimizer™ (UFO) industry-first software solution is helping casinos maximize win and improve player experience by outlining alternative floor options for slot floor managers created by using MSA proprietary analytic models.

        UFO can:

        • Evaluate the effect of casino-invited events
        • Drive players into slow areas of the floor
        • Determine the impact on players from moving or removing a machine
        • Identify new games to move into specialized areas
        • Create zones on the floor customized to specific player demographics
        • Be available hosted or on premises
        Download information about Universal Floor Optimizer


          Marketing Analytics

          MSA has been helping firms in multiple industries to improve sales results over 50 years. MSA Gaming Group provides casinos and slot manufacturers with Player, Marketing, Game, and Casino Analytics.

          Our Marketing Analytics can help you:

          • Identify and target the most valuable players
          • Understand player activities and behaviors
          • Identify the drivers of player value
          • Create highly effective promotions
          • Maximize player satisfaction and profitability
          • Make the creation of marketing campaigns more efficient
          • Track and improve marketing performance
          • With probability of players return to the casino in a future period and the expected win of that player
          • Evaluate Response Models
          • Develop Marketing Mix
          • Utilize Par-Optimization
          • Determine the lifetime value of your patrons
          What customers are saying!

          'Our casino has used MSA's marketing analytic services. MSA provided our casino with actionable recommendations that were tested and proved to drive incremental player visits and win.'

          -Heidi Hamers, VP Marketing, Grand Casino Mille Lacs

          Download information about Marketing Analytics

            Download information about Player Promotion Optimization



              Spectrumetrix provides the most robust benchmarking available by allowing subscribers to benchmark iGaming and Sportsbook growth, slot and table performance as well as promotion effectiveness against other properties and markets.

              In addition to receiving state summary reports as states post their data and six monthly detail reports, take industry data to the next level of gaming with the Spectrumetrix report portal. The web-based system is a number crunchers’ delight due to the ease with which it can be sliced, diced, and customized.

              MSA and Spectrum Gaming Group collaborated to bring you this powerful online, easy-to-use industry analysis tool.

              Industry professionals apply our proprietary measures and segments to benchmark casino and/or regional/state performance. Charts and graphs can easily be created, and data can be exported to Excel®, PDF, or Word®.

              Visit www.spectrumetrix.com to learn more!

              Click here to subscribe.

              What customers are saying!

              'Spectrumetrix offers a complete picture of Market, State and Regional casino performance in an intuitive and easy-to-use reporting interface. The ability to create and save ad-hoc reports is an invaluable feature and a real time saver. We operate in a highly competitive environment where accurate data is key; Spectrumetrix provides timely insights into how our property is performing compared to the competition.'

              – Robert Swedinovich, Senior Director of Operations, Ohio Casino Operator

              “I love Spectrumetrix! Instead of having to go from one jurisdiction to another and looking for the reports on financial performance of their casinos, Spectrumetrix is a one stop place where all the data are already processed. The data are available for the current and previous year and a significant amount of history is available. It gives me a clear picture of the casino industry in the USA and is a perfect tool for benchmarking.

              I especially appreciate having ready-made variations between different time periods in the reports. My personal favorite with Spectrumetrix is the availability of their technical support, the people who know the database really well and are able to explain things to me or make a custom made report. It saves lots of time and makes me look real sharp- since I am not a financial analyst.”

              – Gaming Analyst, Gaming Control Board

              “Spectrumetrix offers researchers a unique and easy-to access dataset of casino financial performance indicators that can be paired with demographic, social-impact, or other datasets to explore the broader impact of casinos in America.”

              – Jonathan Krutz, MBA, Boise State University Marketing Department”

              Download more information about Spectrumetrix

                To find out more about Spectrumetrix, and other Gaming services, please contact Stephen Gongaware at +1 412-924-3145 or via email at sgongaware@msa.com. To learn more about Spectrum Gaming Group visit spectrumgaming.com or contact Joe Weinert at weinert@spectrumgaming.com.