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Gaming Industries

From casino operations to marketing, casinos can depend on the expertise of MSA.  Our value-added solutions help casino operators improve the patron experience and maximize win.

Slot Manufacturer's seek the actionable insights that MSA provides with player demographic and competitive analysis.

Casino Operators

Whether you're an independent casino owner or corporation, each casino operates in a highly competitive environment with even higher expectations of continuous improvement. Our Gaming Group ups the odds that casinos will have a winning strategy for making more money and keeping customers coming back for more. Thanks to our decades of analytical expertise, we offer cutting-edge solutions including Universal Floor Optimizer (UFO), to align slot machines for increasing optimal player experience and casino revenue.
Download ``Universal Floor Optimizer`` PDF

    Gaming Equipment Manufacturers

    As manufacturers of gaming equipment, you fight for occupancy on casino floors around the world. You are tasked with producing the next winning slot machine with limited or no data. To determine what should be manufactured next, you need to understand why current games are popular and the demographics of people playing those games. Additionally, you need to know their positioning relative to competitors.

    Our SPINSights™ service leverages MSA's four decades of providing business intelligence solutions that combine cleansing, integrating, warehousing, accessing, and analyzing data.  These game-changing solutions can help you manufacture the next big industry success!