Retail Store Segmentation

What we do

MSA provides clients with a holistic analysis of their total retail environment so as to optimize their distribution networks, brand mixes at stores, sales force deployments and new product introductions, all with the sole purpose of maximizing brand sales.

How we do it

We use a ‘clustering’ technique to identify distinct groups of stores (or ‘clusters’) based on equivalized store sales and consumer demographics data.  More specifically, we often use a 2-stage algorithm methodology whereby clusters are created such that stores within a cluster are as similar as possible, while differences between the clusters are significant.

Outputted clusters are then turned into actionable information:

  • Profiles of each cluster created based on key metrics
  • Clusters ranked based on their potential sales value for your brands
  • The most promising markets identified for where to deploy your sales force
  • Store potential ‘call lists’ created for your sales force

What is required?

Distributor shipments or retail store sales data, such POS scanner data, as well as publicly accessible consumer demographics data, such as from the US Census Bureau.

For more information, contact Kevin Mason (, Vice President.