Why is cannabis research needed?

Management Science Associates is dedicated to partnering and advancing scientific research to discover the untapped benefits of cannabis and educate audiences using real-world data to further legitimize the cannabis industry. MSA is doing this through strategic partnerships, collaborating directly with state regulators and government entities, and working alongside legal cannabis operators to enhance education and resources.

Over the last several decades, an increasing number of states have legalized medical and recreational cannabis. California was the first state to legalize medical cannabis in 1996. Since then, the medical use of cannabis has been legalized in forty states and the District of Columbia. The recreational or adult-use of cannabis has been approved in twenty-four states and the District of Columbia.

While states forge ahead in implementing cannabis industries through their designated regulatory bodies, cannabis remains illegal at the federal level. The Federal government categorized cannabis as a Schedule I substance in the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) of 1970, meaning it was considered to have no acceptable medical use and was among the class of drugs having the highest potential for abuse.

The placement of cannabis as a Schedule 1 substance continues to hinder research, as the CSA requires an individual who wishes to conduct research on substances listed in Schedule I to register with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). However, despite federal prohibition, numerous clinical and preclinical research has affirmed there is therapeutic use for cannabis as an alternative pain management treatment. A scientific consensus on its therapeutic value has emerged among scientists, doctors, patients, and advocates in the United States and around the world.

Over the decades, we’ve seen an increased number of anecdotal and survey-based data presented in the cannabis industry, which is significant to educate cannabis consumers purchasing cannabis in state-legal programs. However, the industry lacks quantitative, real-world data and research. This is where Management Science Associates can significantly further research efforts in the cannabis industry.

Every state-legal cannabis program requires cannabis purchases to be tracked through a point of sales system. MSA has the capability to de-identify POS data through our HIPAA compliant multi-patented de-identification technology. With the ability to de-identify dispensaries’ POS data, MSA can analyze how each demographical group is performing in the following:

  • Product form
  • Favored brands
  • Cannabinoid ratio
  • Returning consumer rate

Our Platform
In the cannabis industry, we’ve seen a great amount of anecdotal and survey-based data, but MSA has the capability to analyze quantitative, real-world data on a demographical level. MSA can link cannabis operators’ point-of-sale data with real-world healthcare data to analyze which cannabis products, forms, and cannabinoid ratios are most effective in helping patients with specific health and wellness needs. Learn more about MSA’s unique research capabilities in the cannabis industry.

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    MSA and BDSA Partnership

    BDSA is the leading provider of data and insights for the cannabis industry through providing retailers, manufacturers, brands, wholesalers, and investors with actionable insights to drive profitability, increase revenues, eliminate expenses, and outmaneuver the competition. Through MSA’s capability to analyze cannabis operators’ real-world data in coordination with BDSA’s extensive insights into the cannabis industry, we offer one-of-kind advisory to help understand your consumers, influence business and sales strategies, and more.

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