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John Anglum

Senior Information Systems Manager


15 years

“The great thing about working at MSA is the ability to be exposed to cutting edge industry leading solutions and services.”


Kito Holliday, PhD

Technical Manager


10 years

“It’s my job to solve difficult analytical problems that have never been solved before. That’s what I love, and why I enjoy coming to work every day.”


Kevin Mason

Business Analytics Director

Business Analysis

20 years

“With my degree in Mathematics, I always imagined doing something that would allow me to use what I learned in school. MSA gives me the opportunity to put my education to use while continuing to learn.”


Olga Cozza

Senior Software Developer


12 years

“It was very interesting to work on the MTPMobile™ application as a member of the mobile team. I learned a lot of new technology.”

Jeralyn_Brown_Metals_Careers Pg

Jeralyn Brown

Senior Account Manager

Metals and Advanced Manufacturing

Savvy Citizen Support

15 years

“I’m happy with the latitude and flexibility given to me to complete my projects.”


Linda Vetovich

Senior Project Director

Life Sciences

7 years

“In the world of medical transplants, having the right information at hand can literally mean the difference between life and death. Life Sciences at MSA is proud to deliver secure, quality data and analysis solutions — so you can deliver more birthdays.”