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To grow your brand and stay competitive, you need to combine consumer data (the “why” and the “what”) with big data (the “who” and the “how”) to gain actionable insights into your target consumer.

MSA + NIQ = Unprecedented Innovation merging Consumer Purchase + Real World Population Health data to uncover new opportunities

MSA partnered with NIQ to sharpen the lens on Consumer Health + Consumer Purchase Behavior so that manufacturers can access innovative and even greater insight into consumer lifestyle & brand preference across multidimensional cohorts:

  • Consumer – Medical conditions pre/post disease diagnosis, Age, Household size, income, etc.
  • Purchase Behavior – Five years of consumer purchase data across all outlets (E-comm + brick & mortar)
  • Self reported Consumer Journey – emotional intelligence & consumer voice via social media data (burning needs, behaviors and motivations)

With medical conditions like diabetes, obesity and heart disease – all linked to unhealthy diets – on the rise, consumers of all ages are pursuing healthier lifestyles to avoid and/or combat health problems are an important target for manufacturers offering Better For You options.

Clients apply these learnings to elevate sustainability and diversity growth:

  • Drive product re-formulation, new product introduction, and package innovations
  • Expanded market reach & targeted growth
  • Brand prestige + Consumer Journey mapping
  • Sales forecasting for new products by product attributes (low sugar, etc.)
  • Competitive analysis + Predictive market modeling
  • Market share, fair share, and repeat rate by health concern

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“Insights from the Intersection of Consumer Purchasing and Healthcare Data: Better for You Insights”

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