Get to Know the MSA Support Center Better!

Day in and day out, the MSA Support Center team looks forward to interactions with their Distributor and Retailer contacts, otherwise known as our customers’ customers! Regular exchanges typically take a couple forms. Distributors/Retailers send weekly data files that are processed and then matched to manufacturer clients’ data files. Some may also receive occasional notifications to clarify data specifics about stores and/or brands, sales volumes or inventory counts. Why the scrutiny? The Support Center team member’s job is to ensure data files received are as close to “audit-quality” as possible so that manufacturer clients receive the most accurate data possible, and distributors (and their retailers) reap all the benefits they’ve earned through vendor-sponsored trade program participation and compliance.

The MSA Support Center staff consists of over 30 distributor account representatives. Some reps may work on several teams, but all have one thing in common: they are distributor-centric. In other words, if distributor personnel participate in numerous projects across industries that require sending MSA multiple files, the Support Center representative handling your data will always be the same. From time to time, a rep’s backup may step in to answer a call or send an email, depending on staff availability. But, rest assured, a dedicated account rep familiar with your business is ready to assist.

MSA’s Support Center is led by Gerry Sebastian and four customer support leads. Each lead manages a customer service rep team with a mix of CSR I, CSR II, and Senior CSRs who are capable of answering all distributor/retailer questions. If necessary, there are multiple ways to escalate a specific issue to the proper staff member.

This team is also responsible for maintaining Dataservices, the name of the portal used to manage day-to-day department activities, including logging all communications, checking on file status, and working with unclassified brands. The Dataservices portal is also a distributor resource. Each distributor-designated contact has (or can have) portal access to allow for checking on file status and manufacturer program enrollments. It also contains a library of over 40,000 verified UPCs. Distributors enrolled in vendor incentive programs can also receive updated monthly reports (sponsored by manufacturers) that help them benchmark company performance against other geographical competitors. All portal features can be demonstrated upon request — simply ask a CSR to set up a WebEx quick demo.

The MSA Support Center is a resource to many groups outside and inside of MSA, but its primary, day-to-day purpose is to be a resource for MSA’s distributor partners.