Atlantic City Casino & Internet Gaming – AC Market Turnaround Confirmed – Part II

The first MSA white paper using Atlantic City (AC) data illustrated that rapid market changes took place from the launch of Internet Gaming through Aug 2017 across Slots, Poker, and Casino Internet Games. Such changes had not been observed in Las Vegas (LV), where Internet Poker was launched 7 months prior to its entry in AC. LV casinos had done little with Internet Poker until its AC introduction, and also didn't pursue slots or Casino Internet Gaming, so AC became the only meaningful test market for overall Internet Gaming in the US.

This MSA white paper analyses 3 additional months of Spectrumetrix data, confirming the initial insights that the 10-year AC casino revenue decline stopped in Sept-Nov 2016, and its casino revenue growth will likely continue through 2018. Growth of AC Internet Gaming is now synergistic with its Casino slots.


Please access the whitepaper below: