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*** psAdvance News ***

The Department of Justice has just published a Technical Assistance Guide written by the Virginia Beach PD that candidly details their implementation and usage of psAdvance. Some quotes from our client:
  • "we believe the system we fielded is revolutionary"
  • "a dynamic improvement over a simple early warning mechanism"
  • "a model for other agencies"
The psAdvance write-up starts on page 45.

Why psAdvance™?

Because the information you want to use to evaluate officer performance is difficult to compile or not available.

You are capturing a significant amount of data regarding your officers' performance that is not included within the traditional paper-based personnel file. The arrests they made, the compliments they received, searches, traffic stops, uses of force, training courses taken, citizen complaints, and more. Because it is not easy to get to this data and your supervisors don't have the time to assemble it, most of it is not being used come appraisal time. This lack of centralized data promotes inconsistent officer evaluations as supervisors are not using the same information to make evaluation decisions.

Because measuring officer productivity has become a higher priority.

The days of simply being able to replace an officer after they've left your agency are likely gone. More and more jurisdictions are now requesting justification to replace officers as well as add to staff. A common question asked is "How do we know that your current officers are as productive as they can be?". psAdvance can help you answer this question. A productivity index can be created for every officer and officers are then compared based on this index so that you can easily spot the most and least active. Intervening with the less productive officers to get them to perform at the same level as the most productive will show that you are not only doing all you can to ensure optimum productivity but that you are actively monitoring and managing your agency's effectiveness.

Because officer performance trends that could provide an early warning of future performance issues are going unnoticed.

The lack of centralized information combined with the constant redeployment and advancement of your staff makes it difficult for any one person to notice an officer's activity trend that might be an indicator of a future performance issue. Noticing these indicators, investigating them, and then intervening when necessary can change the officer's performance before it escalates into a much larger problem. In doing so, your agency and your officers benefit from their improved performance and the risk of litigation tied to an officer's performance issue is minimized.

What psAdvance Can Do For You

An intuitive browser-based application, psAdvance is a comprehensive officer performance management solution that stores and presents your officers' key performance indicators. In addition to providing a summary of the officer's events and comparisons to the officer's peers, psAdvance is also the place where your supervisors can enter quarterly and annual appraisals as well as coaching and performance notes, notes that will assist supervisors come appraisal time. psAdvance is uncommonly user-friendly to accommodate your most novice computer user. What can psAdvance do for you?
  • Centralized area for all personnel related events and activities
  • Replaces traditional paper based personnel files
  • Automates performance evaluations
  • More complete evaluation of officers
  • More consistent evaluation of officers
  • Compares officers to peers
  • Entry and storage of coaching and performance notes
psAdvance is a powerful early intervention system. Automated alerts are sent directly to users that need to know based on officers exceeding event thresholds significant enough to warrant an alert. When officer interventions are necessary they are entered and assigned on psAdvance. Upon completion of the intervention, the officer's post-intervention performance is tracked on psAdvance. What can psAdvance do for you?
  • Replaces existing manual approach to early intervention
  • Helps identify racial/gender biased policing
  • Intervention entry and post-intervention tracking
  • Satisfies accreditation standards for early warning/intervention systems
  • Minimizes the costs associated with civil liability
  • Documents your agencies effort to review and improve
  • Builds public confidence in your agencies ability to monitor itself
The result? You can reward outstanding conduct and minimize poor performance by identifying it early and applying the appropriate interventions prior to the poor performance escalating in severity. psAdvance supports the rapidly growing interest in assuring employee performance accountability for law enforcement agencies.

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