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Industry Status

Currently, it is estimated that 80% of medical decisions are dependent upon laboratory diagnostic results, however; laboratory results are no longer the only tool used by clinicians to clinically diagnose a disease. Many assays are integral to screen, diagnose, assess risk, guide preventative care, select or exclude patients for certain therapy, optimize drug selection and monitor patients throughout the entire disease process.

MSA's Solution

For biopharmaceutical or in vitro diagnostic organizations that look to analyze their marketplace with additional data measurements, Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA) develops custom marketplace models incorporating laboratory information to be used alone or integrated with other data sets to help optimize your sales and marketing efforts.

With over 5,000 diagnostic assays available, it is certain a clinical assay will intersect with your brand. Through our network of laboratory data providers, we can develop a tool to assess, measure and diagnose your marketplace. Incorporating this data into current measures will improve your analysis efforts. You will now be able to assess your market at the account level and receive insight into how clinicians screen, diagnose, select and monitor patients in the disease area where your brand is part of the clinical picture. All of this can be done by providing HIPAA compliant anonymous patient level data related to diagnostic testing.

Types of Analysis

Physician behavior tracking: Analyze relationships of diagnostic assay ordering levels/trends with respect to physician behavior. Identify key factors influencing prescription use with diagnostic ordering.

Physician segmentation and clustering: Develop physician market maps using physician behavior and attribute data to prioritize segments and tailor messages. Survey data can also be used to link to drivers/barriers to behavior.

Diagnostics as part of the message: Evaluate impact of sales force detailing as it relates to lab testing and physician behavior. Measure ‘disease awareness’ campaigns by uptake of ordering and aggregated assay results.

MSA's RxDx Experience
  • Consumer Test and Control Longitudinal Behavioral Analysis

  • Consumer Brand Choice Process for OTC product

  • Brand Share forecasting for New Rx product (using physician trial and repeat prescription rates)

  • Marketing Mix and ROI analysis for OTC products

  • Launch analysis for Pharmacogenomic Dx assays
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Clinical Laboratory Data for Marketplace Analysis

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