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Raw Material Data Aggregation Service™

MSA is developing RMDAS for the Paper Recycling industry. Similar services have been provided to the tobacco, confectionary, magazine distribution, cable TV and steel industries. For Paper Recycling this service takes purchase order information from participating companies and then categorizes, cleanses and aggregates the data. The resultant information is then made available to the participants through a powerful web based analytic and reporting tool that provides valuable reports that are in compliance with anti trust requirements.
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Introduction to Raw Material Data Aggregation Service™ (RMDAS™)

RMDAS™ Proof of Concept Phase

RMDAS™ Paper Recycling Presentation

MSA Process Steps...
MSA - Paper Recycling
        RMDAS Methodology - Improving Scrap Pricing

"The Price is Wrong" -- That's the complaint often heard regarding published scrap prices.

Establishing average pricing for recent scrap metal transactions is an often thankless task that has traditionally been tackled by trade publications such as American Metal Market, New York, and other publications covering the metals industry.

The averages and price lists presented by these publications have been widely used for decades, but that does not mean that relationships between those in the steel and recycling industries and these publications are always harmonious.

Traders, ferrous scrap generators and steel mill buyers are at times suspicious as to the accuracy of the prices, either fearing that the publications are not collecting enough information or, even more worrisome, are being misled by providers of information with a stake in the market.

The unhappiness with price surveys and retroactive published "price corrections", and the notion that there must be more cost effective, accurate ways to gather information and make analyses available to the industry has become an opportunity that Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA), Pittsburgh, has pursued with vigor.

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