Process Automation

Process Automation & Control Systems

You face challenges on every level – operational, tactical and strategic.

Maybe you need to install a basic control system to improve consistency and quality across shifts on the factory floor. Maybe you want to integrate a thermo-chemical model into a process to improve yield. Maybe you need to provide production management with timely information to make better operational decisions. Or perhaps you’re responsible for providing business and market intelligence to senior management.

Let our state-of-the-art technical capabilities help you look at your challenges from every angle, and problem-solve like never before. Encompassing real-time manufacturing processes through long-term supply-chain planning, we have models designed to help you with:
  • Optimized raw material blending
  • Refining/secondary steelmaking
  • Chemical and mass-balance
  • Heat and fluid flow
  • Optimized production planning and scheduling

They’re the kind of thorough, systematic solutions you’d expect from our multi-disciplined technical staff, business analysts, and project managers.

Take advantage of our consulting services, as well, including:
  • Automation Feasibility Studies/Plans
  • Model Process Tuning -Functional Specifications – Requests for Proposals
  • Project Management Services -Forecasting and Predictive Modeling
  • Networking
  • IT Support

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