Put BOSS™ in charge of blending optimization, and you’ll reduce costs while maintaining quality.

Our Blending Optimization Software Suite™ (BOSS™) delivers significant savings by determining the least-cost combination of raw materials needed to produce a given heat, line-up, or production schedule, taking into account all of your various operating and quality constraints.

BOSS considers the current inventory, available market materials, material chemistry information, and the chemical and physical constraints to calculate the least expensive mixture of materials to meet a product specification.

This essential solution is available in a variety of commercial and technical options to meet your business and budget needs. Enjoy the advantages of BOSS as:
  • A turnkey server-based system
  • A component of a larger melt shop automation system
  • A cloud-based application (BOSS™ ASP)

The suite of models available in BOSS includes:

Single-Heat Charge/Multi-Heat/Multi-Grade Campaign Optimization
  • Determines the least-cost scrap mix for an individual heat or the least-cost scrap mix for a multi-heat/multi-grade schedule charge, as well as the least-cost scrap mixes for multiple heats over a pre-determined time period

Purchase Planning
  • Determines the necessary materials needed to produce a production schedule, considering on-hand inventory, an anticipated revert stream. and market materials

Alloy Additions Calculations
  • Determines the additions required to a molten bath to produce a given steel grade

Under-Crane Loading Optimization
  • Advises operators on the best replacement material to use when an expected material is not available while loading buckets

Marshalling Yard Planning
  • Determines what materials should be loaded into rail cars for a specific time frame/schedule, and an indication of when switching should occur

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