BOSS ASP Adds Slag Component for Burnt & Dolomitic Lime Values

Management Science Associates’ Blending Optimization Software Suite™ (BOSS™) ASP version now includes a Slag Model component. This component, when enabled, will generate the required values of burnt and dolomitic lime based on the BOSSTM model charge results for each heat or melt.
The heart of the model to generate the required values of burnt and dolomitic lime is a system of two equations in two unknowns – calcitic lime and dolomitic lime. These equations simultaneously satisfy the aim V-Ratio (ratio of CaO to acid oxides) and the aim weight fraction of MgO in the slag. 
Various tunable input parameters to the model can be adjusted to match current conditions. These include heat size, carbon injection rate, the desired V-Ratio and aim slag MgO, in addition to considering the compositions of all charge materials.  These include not only scrap, but also flux and ash content of the carbon additions.
The model includes the flexibility to allow the user to specify how V-Ratio is calculated.  Additionally, the overall slag weight and the slag composition are calculated.
If you are interested in learning more about the Slag Model feature of BOSS ASP, please contact Chuck Half of MSA Metals & Advanced Manufacturing Division at 412.924.3160 or