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  MSA - Metals - Raw Material Data Aggregation
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In our North American Raw Material Data Aggregation Service (RMDAS™), MSA currently has contracts with a significant number of EAF mini-mills and integrated steel producers, which represent over 55% of the total purchased scrap consumed in the United States each month. This service receives all purchase orders for scrap and scrap substitutes from each participant. The data are then aggregated, with access to the resulting reports being provided to the participants through a powerful web-based analytical reporting tool.
  • Accurate, timely price information by region — existing indices are "guesstimates" at best — current publishers admit their inaccuracies
  • Allows access to the aggregated market data, while maintaining confidentiality of each participant company's proprietary data
  • Allows one to see buying opportunities easier — springboard buys
  • Provides the ability to measure one's performance and to benchmark — for example, companies and/or individual locations can specify comparative regions or national reports
  • Organizes data that is typically not easily accessible internally. Speed allows one to see trends and to forecast
RMDAS Process Steps

MSA now provides a Total US RMDAS™ Weekly Tracking Price (WTP) for select commodities. These prices are available only to RMDAS Participants. The WTP was developed in response to participants' desire to better understand the price evolution during the buy month. For more information, contact us.

Total US RMDAS™ Weekly Tracking Price

MSA is the world's leading supplier of timely information for the metals industry. To learn more about the RMDAS program, or for a live demonstration of the system, contact us at SALESMAMFG@MSA.COM or 412-362-2000.

Metals and Advanced Manufacturing - MSA.com

        Looking for RMDAS™ Index prices on the go?
MSA now offers a free mobile-friendly website to access the RMDAS™ Ferrous Scrap Price Index from your smartphone.

Each month on the 20th, the RMDAS Index will be updated on the mobile site in both a tabular view and graphical format. In addition, users can access historical indices.

Using the web browser on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or other smartphone, go to

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