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Focused on improving our client’s productivity, quality and profitability through innovative systems… since 1982

MSA's Metals and Advanced Manufacturing Division specializes in developing systems: process control and automation, decision support, business intelligence and supply-chain management systems for manufacturers. We solve client challenges in the areas of process monitoring and display, operator guidance, data acquisition and process optimization.

We apply MSA's innovative use of data management, analytics and technology and MSA's years of experience in business solutions to the metals and general manufacturing industries. Formerly known as MSA PASS, this Division has a long history of innovative software development for the charging, melting, refining and casting operations in the steel industry.

Current solutions include:

Raw Material Data Aggregation Service
Raw Material Data Aggregation Service™   View Video
(RMDAS) is a transaction-based, ferrous scrap price tracking service that integrates scrap purchase information from a significant number of steel companies to provide its participants with a powerful, accurate benchmarking, reporting and internal control tool for this important raw material cost.
Blending Optimization Software Suite
Blending Optimization Software Suite™ (BOSS™)   View Video
MSA's BOSS determines the least-cost combination of raw materials needed to produce a given heat, lineup, or production schedule, taking into account all of the various operating and quality constraints. The BOSS is available as an installed turnkey system, or as an Application Service Provider (ASP) instance accessed over the Internet. The suite includes:

  • Single Heat Charge
  • Multi-Heat Campaign Optimization
  • Purchasing Planning
  • Alloy Additions Calculations
  • Under Crane Loading Optimization
  • Marshalling Yard Planning
Process Automation and Control Systems
Process Automation and Control Systems
MSA provides Level 1, 2 and 3 systems in meltshop environments. MSA’s library of thermo-chemical and metallurgical models are frequently interfaced with control systems. These control systems interface to clients’ existing scheduling and ERP systems.
Scrap Yard Management Systems
Scrap Yard Management Systems
MSA has provided numerous Scrap Yard Management Systems to clients. The Scrap Yard System benefits clients by optimizing the utilization of scrap in the facility, the tracking of scrap usage per heat and the monitoring and control of critical scrap loading activities. The system gives the user a current view of the loading operations along with a history of the scrap loading activities to date.
AIST Process Benchmarker™ (APB)
AIST Process Benchmarker™ (APB)   View Video
The APB is a web-based analytical platform and service for benchmarking operational performance metrics for the technology committees of the Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST). The goal of the service is to increase technical networking between participating AIST member companies and to provide a valuable source of relevant performance benchmark information.
IT Infrastructure Offering & Legacy Systems Remediation
IT Infrastructure Offering & Legacy Systems Remediation   View Video
MSA offers Legacy System remediation, disaster recovery, network design and integration, hosting, collocation, on-site maintenance, and complete data center solutions.

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BOSS Client Server version

BOSS ASP version

Use BOSS for Scrap Premixes

Recent BOSS ASP Enhancements

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MSA Engages Industry Vet, Stan Staron, to Provide Melting Expertise to Its Blending Optimization Clients

MSA Selected to Develop AIST's Process Benchmarker Platform

Harsco Metals and Management Science Associates Sign Global Licensing Agreement on Scrap Management Solutions

The Federal Metal Company Selects MSA's Blending Optimization Software Suite (BOSS)

MSA To Provide a Melt Shop Automation System To Universal Stainless & Alloy Products, Inc.

RMDAS™ Ferrous Scrap Price Index Now Available in Steel Business Briefing's Publications

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MSA's Raw Material Data Aggregation Service (RMDAS™) Publishes New "Northern US and Ontario, Canada" Region

Peter V. Moulder Joins Management Science Associates, Inc.

MSA Provides Meltshop Optimization System to MetalTek International's Wisconsin Centrifugal Division

MSA Provides Meltshop Scrap Optimization System and Scrap Loading System to Algoma Steel Inc.
MSA Wins DOC Contract

The United States Department of Commerce (DOC) has awarded to MSA a contract to study and model the future demand of steel.

The study comes in response to concerns raised by US steel producers and steel service centers that the shrinking domestic manufacturing sector, coupled with import pressures of steel and steel-containing goods, could erode the demand for domestic steel.

The contract reflects MSA's extensive experience and background in market analysis and sophisticated model development, coupled with its strong domain knowledge of steel-producing and steel-consuming industries.

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