Post Buy Services

Success Story

The Challenge

Thirty years ago, one family of cable networks came to MSA with a problem. There was significant potential within cable television advertising, but first there was a need to create trust in the product for advertisers and agencies. Being a leader in advertising data analysis, MSA stepped up to the challenge.

The Solution

The Media division at MSA responded by developing the Post Buy report, which was quickly adopted as the industry standard. Referred to and well known in the industry as “The MSA”, it provides third party processing to analyze the contractual performance of advertising placement -- a key link in allowing the cable networks to provide the guarantees of performance that are required to execute predictable advertising campaigns.

The Results

Thirty years later, MSA continues to provide the Post Buy service to the industry, with provision to over 100 cable networks, as well as satellite and unwired networks. As delivery models of advertising change with advances in technology and changing patterns of media consumption, MSA continues to integrate the new sources into the existing reports, providing the stability and creation of standards required by the industry to support new advertising delivery models and industry growth.

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