Optimize time slots, promotions and campaigns. Run a more efficient and profitable operation. You can do it with solutions from the Media pros at MSA.


Over the last 20 years, cable networks and their viewership have exploded – and so has the potential for advertising revenue.

So how in this quickly expanding and changing universe do cable networks keep up and prosper? One word: Gabriel™.

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Post Buy Services

Cable networks guarantee a level of performance for any advertising they air.

But how does anyone really know whether the spots are performing as promised?
Enter: Post Buy.

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EDI Coordinator

What’s the deal with your advertising campaign? You can see in an instant with EDI Coordinator.

This Electronic Data Interchange service allows the easy movement of contract and invoice data between cable networks and advertisers. So seeing and sharing information is a cinch. With EDI Coordinator, you can invoice faster. Confirm and update contracts. And view billing at a glance.

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Media Analytics

The cable network industry is highly competitive. And while Gabriel is addressing many of your traditional workflow challenges and task productivity needs, you are increasingly looking for help to leverage your data.

MSA’s Media Analytic solutions can mine your data to produce actionable intelligence and provide embedded software solutions that have huge impacts on your bottom line.

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