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Local cable continues to undergo tremendous change as viewership shifts to cable. In order to become more competitive with other media outlets and shift ad dollars to cable, local operators have begun to alter how they sell to provide greater flexibility and accountability to their clients. Local cable operators and interconnects have also begun to focus on operational efficiencies in response to industry consolidation and a movement towards system centralization.

These larger trends have resulted in specific operational challenges in the local cable industry. MSA has leveraged the extensive input from the largest MSOs, a leading interconnect, MSA's two decades of media experience, and its software development acumen to develop the MultiVistaTM product. MultiVistaTM enhances the effectiveness of the sales organization and supports the full range of back-office operations.

System Modules - Supporting the Enterprise

MultiVistaTM supports the following business functions:
  • Ad sales management
  • Programming
  • Sales analysis and inventory management
  • Contract management
  • Dynamic scheduling
  • Post transaction verification and reconciliation
  • Billing
  • Traffic/log management
  • Accounts receivable
  • System administration and security
The MultiVistaTM Advantage

Sales, traffic, and billing systems are too often viewed by the industry as a source of discontent versus an effective enabling technology. In order to design the best system, MSA leveraged its local cable expertise and vision with the input from a contingent of interconnect and independent system veterans. The result is a system that balances an intuitive user experience with highly robust capabilities. MultiVistaTM and the team of cable veterans behind it are dedicated to enabling the long-term success of each client and the local cable industry.

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