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MSA Media delivers leading edge, value-added software to the media industry. Our flagship innovation, Gabriel, is an enterprise-wide application that improves operational efficiency, productivity and profitability, giving cable television networks a sustainable competitive advantage.

Converging Technologies in a Changing World

Viewers face a dazzling array of channel offerings as well as new, exciting ways to access such content. Each day, existing networks fragment and merge, and new networks announce their arrival. New technologies have been introduced that offer the opportunity to radically change our viewing behaviors. Other technologies are rapidly emerging to blur the lines between programming and commercial content. Moreover, the digital revolution has begun to affect virtually every aspect of the media value chain. Tape and paper-based information is quickly being replaced by its digital equivalent and improving both the quality and speed at which information can move through and across organizations. In order to compete effectively in these rapidly changing times, you need a competitive advantage - you need integrated business systems that help you respond more quickly to your customers' needs.

Immediate Access for Real-Time Decision Making

Being responsive to your client needs has often proved to be a difficult task. As the industry has changed, the work flow has become increasingly more complex, and your existing systems have not evolved to keep pace. You try to compete by hiring quality, competent people, but without the right tools and information, it is difficult for them to achieve their potential. You try to work around the problems by buying new stand-alone systems or building loosely-coupled links between existing systems, but this often yields incremental value since the systems may not be complimentary, the integration points not as robust as necessary, and some data may be duplicated or not captured at all.

For real-time decision making, you need a system that gives you immediate access to all of your data. You need an enterprise-wide system specifically designed to automate and integrate the essential business functions of your network. You need Gabriel™. Gabriel, from MSA Media, was designed for a cable network in today's world - a world of accelerated technologies all converging to deliver the right message, to the right audience, in the right location, at the right time.

A System for the Future

Since the mid 1980's, MSA Media, a division of Management Science Associates, Inc., has helped cable television executives make better business decisions through unparalleled services such as post buy reporting, stewardship and ADU analysis.

In the early 90's, MSA extended its capabilities by building the Gabriel system in close cooperation with our cable network partners. Gabriel has gone on to become the leading software system for cable network industry. Within the next two years, Gabriel will be responsible for managing 70% of the total annual $10 billion of industry ad sales dollars.

Superior Technology Integrates the Whole Enterprise

Gabriel utilizes open systems technology from such industry leaders as Oracle, IBM, HP, SUN, BEA, Microsoft and Hyperion to integrate your key operational areas: sales management, proposal development and maintenance, programming, research, traffic and accounting. Moreover, Gabriel's modular architecture allows for customization to meet your network's specific needs.

The software captures and stores deal information at the unit level, so it can be tracked easily even as your program schedule changes, and agency brand assignments and splits and combines are requested. This unique design ensures that you always have an accurate, up-to-the-minute picture of your inventory. Because Gabriel was designed to automate each aspect of the enterprise, information is shared automatically by all departments.

Unique Design Brings Improved Productivity

At the heart of the Gabriel system are a dynamic scheduler and a relational database that operate together to track and slot your inventory. These components allow you to perform real-time forecasting, pricing and inventory analysis and ultimately, real-time yield management. As a result, you able to optimize the use of your available inventory - and ultimately, your profitability.

Gabriel's Key Components for Improved Performance
  • Ability to handle multi-network deals
  • System-wide connectivity that integrates business processes
  • Unit serialization that enables transmission of changes via EDI
  • Inventory Management capabilities that enable the sales organizations and traffic to accurately determine capacity, sellout thresholds, inventory reserves, and opportunities to optimize the use of its inventory in a dynamic environment
  • Dynamic scheduling of deals and deal changes in real time
  • Tracking of all units (preemptions, splits/combines, etc.) from proposal through final reconciliation
  • Historic ratings data used to develop research and sales estimates
  • Guarantees stored with the deals and maintained through deal revisions
  • Ability to assign a variety of constraints with immediate scheduling
Solutions for a Changing World

Since the 1960's, MSA has been helping the nation's cable and broadcast television networks, advertising agencies and consumer packaged goods companies understand their business data and manage their information systems. This experience has given us extraordinary insight into the media industry's operations. This is evidenced by our long-standing client relationships and our breadth of media-related products and services, including:
  • EDI CoordinatorTM, a value-added software package which can be purchased stand-alone or fully integrated with Gabriel-this package is designed to handle all your EDI needs, including the translation of data into various standard EDI formats from your deal, traffic, and billing systems; automatic validation and transmission of documents; document tracking; system monitoring; and archiving
  • C-Post™, an on-line interface to MSA's Post Buy services for which we recently introduced a new Windows® version
  • Gabriel Stewardship, a fully-integrated, value-added application which allows you to use the latest rating information to monitor deal performance-stay tuned for the release of a stand-alone package
  • PerspectiveTM, an enterprise-wide software solution addressing the needs of the international Ad Sales and Traffic organizations
  • MultiVistaTM, an enterprise-wide software solution addressing the needs of the MSO and Interconnect markets
With these sophisticated software solutions, MSA is taking our clients into the age of digital information and electronic commerce. Along the way, we offer an extensive support network that includes complete system installation, migration of all vital historical data, expert technical support and on-site training and consulting services.

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