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Running a successful cable or broadcast television enterprise in today's increasingly competitive media environment requires a complete and timely view of your business. In order to maximize the performance of your business you need the right information to make the best decisions. Many decision makers are hampered by a limited set of predetermined reports that require valuable time and IT resources to create and maintain. Furthermore, critical data often reside in separate systems requiring great effort and skill to properly clean, integrate, and manage.

FactWorks™ is a web-deployed suite of sales management reporting and analysis tools with flexible filtering and fast results.

The FactWorks™ product for sales management reporting and analysis is organized into four areas:
  • Sales Reporting and Analysis Sales analysis reports provide information on seasonal revenue variance, year-to-year revenue comparisons, revenue ranking, and average unit rate analyses.
  • CPM Reporting and Analysis CPM analysis reports offer a variety of ways to evaluate a network's CPMs by advertiser, by demo, and by quarter. This allows for comparison of as-sold CPMs to ratecard CPMs, and provides a seasonal CPM variance.
  • Budget Reporting and Analysis Budget analysis reports look at detailed and summary level sales projections for different time periods and compare actual revenue to budget revenue for various time periods.
  • Stewardship Reporting and Analysis Stewardship analysis reports provide visibility of guaranteed vs. delivered CPMs and impression information.
FactWorks™ makes it easier to answer important business questions. FactWorks™ presents information in a flexible, intuitive fashion that supports data drill-thrus to fully understand business performance.

FactWorks™ includes a set of reports and allows a non-technical user, or an IT person, to easily create new ones on the fly. FactWorks™ can deliver the required data to anyone, anywhere in your organization. You can load data into FactWorks™ from your sales traffic and billing system as well as other data sources. Reports may be viewed on-screen, printed, sent via e-mail or exported to another application such as Microsoft® Excel.

Account Executives in remote offices can build sales strategies to better appeal to their clients. Using interactive query tools, users can "drill down" into the data and discover what really happened and why. What are the areas for greatest revenue growth? Where are you under-performing and why? Where are you succeeding and why?

A Custom Solution

MSA has vast experience working with clients to fully understand their management reporting requirements, integrating disparate data sources and delivering custom reporting solutions as well as pre-packaged solutions that provide long-term value.

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