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Running a successful broadcast enterprise in today's increasingly competitive media environment requires a complete and timely view of your business. In order to maximize your organizational performance, you need the right information to make the best decisions.

Many decision-makers are hampered by a limited set of pre-determined reports that require valuable time and IT resources to create and maintain. Furthermore, critical data often reside in separate systems, requiring great effort and skill to properly clean, integrate and manage.

MSA Media began offering client-focused technology and analytic solutions to the media industry in the early 1980s. Today, MSA Media offers a diverse range of products and services to help our clients maximize revenue and minimize risk. Unlike any other media solutions provider, MSA Media offers both leading-edge software solutions and a team of expert data analysts to solve complex, strategic challenges.

Serving national cable networks, interconnects, broadcasters, advertising agencies and radio systems, MSA Media has steadily grown to a position of leadership by focusing on each client's unique requirements. Choose a partner with a track record for giving clients a competitive advantage, with both proven industry-standard applications, as well as customized solutions.

MSA Focus International, an MSA subsidiary in the UK, is a leading supplier of international media solutions. This positions MSA Media as the leading software applications provider for the global media and entertainment industries.

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