EDIT™ Application

EDIT™ Application

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily collect, access, and organize critical patient data from all departments and all resources?

MSA’s Electronic Data Interface for Transplantation (EDIT™) is a transplant management software solution that allows you to do all that, and more.

EDIT™ gives you the ability to track patients through the entire transplantation process. It centralizes and integrates all your relevant data – from patient demographics, labs, and meds to other crucial clinical information. Specifically designed for transplantation programs, EDIT can save you valuable time, give you a more comprehensive view of a patient’s history and medical status, help you evaluate the situation, and deliver better care.

One app allows you to easily access your research database and pull reports from all departments. Unlike competitors, EDIT adapts to specific patient care workflows and uses graphical tools to present patient status and information.

Transplantation programs that use EDIT enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced time searching for data
  • Increased productivity of clinical staff
  • Enhanced patient communication with less administrative effort
  • Improved efficacy of patient care through a more comprehensive medical record
  • Improved outcome analysis with patient centered data integration
  • Reduced denial of duplicate charges
  • Exports to UNOS™ via UNet(SM)

Some important features of EDIT include:

  • Transplant and Living Donor Workups
  • Tracks the current status of a candidate -Provides organ-specific features to differentiate between various transplant services
  • Allows for multiple pre-op and post-op diagnoses for each candidate
  • Utilizes UNOS-oriented data elements -Configurable Clinical Pathways
  • Facilitates a standard care path by providing a standard set of service specific tasks to be added as a patient progresses through candidacy
  • Transplant Follow-Ups -Tracks the patient through post-transplant -Smart templates
  • Provides an efficient data access mechanism which meets the needs of specific workflow processes
  • Online & Batch Patient Letter Generator
  • Allows for information from the database to be merged with word processing templates to create both pre-op and post-op patient letters
  • Electronic Interfaces
  • Provides the ability for electronic imports and exports
  • Patient Demographics
  • Includes general patient demographic attributes such as: name, address, telephone number, birth date, sex, social security number, and more
  • Patient Clinical Information
  • Includes general and transplant specific patient care information such as: labs, meds, medical history, surgical history, complications, pathology, progress notes, and more
  • Transplanted Organ Information
  • Provides statistics and attributes of the transplant procedure, follow-up, rejection, and graft failure information regarding a specific organ

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