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Success Story

The Challenge

When you’re a managed care organization (MCO), you understand better than most that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This company, which provided health care access to more than 263,000 members, was located in one of the city’s tallest structures. Although operating in such a consolidated fashion presented efficiencies, it also presented significant business risks.
The company knew it needed to establish a recovery data center – one that was easily accessible to its workforce in case of emergencies.
They got the healthy dose of help they needed from the Information Technology Systems and Services (ITSS) division at MSA.

The Solution

We partnered with this MCO on two solutions – a robust hosting relationship for an active mirror data center and a workforce recovery solution for call center agents who are unable to work from home or other alternative locations.

The Data Center

Our RockPointe Data Center hosts a mirror of all the client’s data and voice systems. The MCO actively uses the telecommunication services hosted here, and also leverages the facility as a bunker for all data backup, using the following services:
  • Data storage
  • Over 75 virtualized systems
  • Telecommunication services including voicemail call accounting and call recording
  • Internet
  • Private network connectivity
The client also conducts at least four emergency exercises each year. These tests are performed remotely with no impact to its operations. In fact, its personnel can remotely manage its systems at the RockPointe facility to the power outlet.

Workforce recovery solution

The client maintains a workforce recovery solution based at our Penn Avenue facility. The arrangement services up to 150 call center agents. These seats are used during a business disruption as an alternative for staff who are unable to work remotely. The client maintains connectivity for over half of the company.

Services hosted here include:

  • Generic desktop setup within 24 hours
  • Generic VOIP phone service that is leveraged by the client to access its voice platforms. Calls are redirected to this service, eliminating the need to change access numbers and methods.

The Results

When our client experienced a failure that took its primary telecommunications vendor almost two weeks to resolve, the MCO never missed a beat. It was able to seamlessly failover telecommunication service through our RockPointe facility and mitigate what would have been a disaster. Being able to leverage this failover also afforded the vendor more time to diagnose and remediate the failure.
Also, during the 2009 G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, when our client’s operations were limited within its building, it successfully leveraged several of our Business Continuity plans. Over half of the company worked remotely at MSA, and the client was able to both meet and, in some areas, exceed its service level agreements. Instead of being a disaster, the week of G20 turned into an unqualified success.

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