Avere Systems

Avere Systems

The Challenge

What does a rapidly growing Pittsburgh-based company that is making headlines with its ground-breaking hybrid cloud storage solutions do when it needs data center space to house its expanding test and development environment?  They choose MSA as their colocation services provider. 
Their requirements were straightforward. They required contiguous floor space for multiple racks of equipment, with the ability to re-size hosted space to accommodate future growth.   Adequate and reliable cooling was also a concern, due to the high heat density of Avere’s rack environment.  The availability of remote “Smart Hands” service, specialized UNIX systems administration support services and other add-in services were additional requirements in the selection process.  We had that covered, and more.


The Solution

Our approach, as it is with every client engagement, was first to listen to Avere Systems’ concerns and understand the company’s unique requirements, and then to develop a customized solution that aligned with their current needs and future goals.  As a result of these discussions, we designed a flexible colocation solution, which includes raised data center floor space for multiple racks of equipment at our Evergreen Heights Technology Center in Ross Township near Pittsburgh, PA.

The 65,000 square-foot facility (with 7,000 square feet of raised floor space and planned expansion to 15,000 square feet) features redundant spare capacity for power and cooling systems, including a reliable utility power feed with generator backup, a dedicated fiber network, and state-of-the-art fire suppression and access control systems.

In addition, the solution we developed for Avere Systems features:
  • a flexible configuration, supplying abundant power to individual racks to support a per-rack power draw of 5 to 7 kW per rack
  • two ISPs that provide redundant internet connectivity
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) technology for internet failover, should service from one provider be interrupted
Although Avere Systems manages its own application/server environment, a variety of specialized systems administration and IT support services are available to augment in-house staff, if and when needed.  And in anticipation of the client’s future growth, additional, contiguous floor space has been earmarked for their use.  We’ll be ready when they are.

The Results

The move to our Evergreen Heights Technology Center provides Avere Systems with a stable operating environment for its test and development systems, which is critical infrastructure needed for launching new products and keeping the company at the forefront of a dynamically evolving storage industry.
Our colocation services offer value beyond commoditized raised floor space:
  • MSA’s investment in redundant electrical systems and network connectivity provides Avere Systems’ development team with 24/7 availability.
  • A flexible configuration and reliable power supply enables us to keep pace with Avere Systems’ power requirements.
  • Proactive capacity planning means we’re prepared to grow with their business as they grow.

The bottom line: As Avere Systems continues to push the boundaries of storage performance and economics with their hybrid cloud storage solutions, we’re prepared to help them grow and expand their business.
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