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The Company

Since its incorporation in 1963, MSA has grown to a professional staff of 850 employees, providing computer-based information solutions to over 300 clients, including some of the largest U.S. and foreign corporations. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, MSA also has offices in New York, Las Vegas, Atlanta, High Point, NC, United Kingdom and Malaysia.

The range of our services and sectors of expertise share critical and longstanding common principles:
  • Start with the end use in mind
  • Focus on the dynamics and the detail
  • Transform and automate continuous processes
  • Innovate: many can read a recipe -- long-term value comes from writing it
Business Services

MSA's information-based services span data management, advanced analytics/business intelligence, IT systems, software and ERP solutions, as well as enterprise strategy consulting, which brings all our capabilities together to produce a powerful coherent suite of interconnected solutions across the client corporation. Our services span major industry segments such as consumer products, beverages & tobacco, life sciences, media (broadcast, cable and print), utilities and manufacturing/metals.

Data Management

In a world where data and business information typically overwhelm the company's capacity to use it effectively, the ability to streamline, synchronize and systematically leverage corporate intelligence is the key to performance breakthroughs. Knowledge workers with fast, straightforward access to effectively integrated intelligence can achieve uncommon insight and advantage. They stay ahead of the curve because they can track key performance indicators, quickly drill into the "why," and calibrate their course with confidence.

Management Science Associates is the world's largest processor of diverse data sources, with expertise in discrete and dynamic processes, data extraction/transformation, data cleansing, integration, and analytical modeling. Since MSA's founding, we have worked with and integrated a vast array of sales and marketing, operations, and other data including point-of-sale retail scanner data (Nielsen and IRI), consumer panels, direct marketing databases, factory shipment and distributor data, retailer frequent shopper data, Internet click stream data, TV ratings, print, broadcast and cable TV data, as well as healthcare insurance and clinical patient data

MSA's understanding of how clients need to view and use their intelligence derives from our domain expertise, strong technical background and 40 years in data management. Using "open systems" and Oracle relational databases, our in-house architects design each client data warehouse to their specific requirements within a particular industry. For data access, we employ leading OLAP packages and have developed custom industry-specific software tools that focus on delivering flexibility, scalability and exceptional performance. MSA currently has 130 TB of data online and vastly more in storage that can be brought online in hours.

Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence

MSA is dedicated to advancing understanding and providing clients with a sustainable competitive advantage through our advanced analytics and business intelligence solutions. Acknowledged as a premier business modeling group, MSA provides innovative data analysis services in the areas of customer segmentation, targeting and retention, consumer behavioral analysis, price and promotion elasticity, advertising and promotion mix modeling, media planning/scheduling, category management, retail and consumer direct marketing, optimization and econometric forecasting as well as business process modeling.

While business reporting is an important element of any effective information strategy, MSA focuses on enabling clients to effectively manage future business outcomes. Today's information era requires the proactive deployment of macro and micro strategies in time to impact tomorrow's business results. Our mission is to combine leading-edge analytics, sound business knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to give our clients that advantage.

Information Technology Systems, Software and ERP Solutions

MSA's information technology services are designed to address the most pressing IT challenges faced by corporations today, including maintaining round-the-clock enterprise operations amidst increasingly complex systems architectures, synchronizing diverse information streams, delivering operational efficiency along with uncompromised premium customer service, securing enterprise systems against the threat of security breaches, responding to increasingly demanding regulatory and shareholder requirements, and advancing expertise in the face of rapid technological change.

Over the past four decades, MSA has developed expertise in legacy and distributed systems, as well as an insider's knowledge of the dynamic industries represented by our diverse client base. Successful collaboration with Fortune 500 companies, research firms, medical clinics and cable TV networks, combined with our experience dealing with real-time systems, help us anticipate emerging marketplace and technology trends in order to implement broad-based, long-term client solutions.

Our staff of more than 100 systems engineers and field technicians is available 24 x 365 to support client needs. Many possess advanced degrees in technology and among them can claim more than 200 vendor certifications from industry leaders such as Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Dell and IBM.

Enterprise Strategy Consulting

Enterprise strategy consulting brings all of MSA's capabilities together to produce a powerful congruous suite of interconnected solutions across the client corporation. This business unit combines the expertise of top professionals with decades of experience in information-based consulting at the strategic and tactical levels for numerous Fortune 500 firms and Financial Times Global 500 organizations. They are qualified to engage in setting the direction for the entire enterprise, specific business units or individual products.

The ability to work with the client to define unique competitive advantages along with the knowledge to create a defensible strategic positioning can fuel superior business results. The group employs specially selected teams of "experts" from throughout MSA's broad range of industry, technology and business intelligence groups matched to the client business problem. Consulting solutions provide not only corporate direction but also an information-based architecture to manage that strategy and measure results. Client engagements do not end with recommendations; MSA stays with the client to implement the solution and measure the business results from that course of action.

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