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Management Science Associates, Inc. - "50 Years of Innovation"

Over the course of the past 50 years, Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA) has been a diverse, dynamic, evolving partner to its clients. By remaining true to its research-driven roots and consistently nurturing a spirit of innovation, the Pittsburgh-based technology company has created a blueprint for excellence that clients and competitors alike refer to as the MSA Model: a belief in bringing the right people to the problem; partner with a client throughout a project to identify its needs; and develop and deliver an innovative, customized, functional, and affordable solution. Read more...

An uncompromising commitment to R&D
and solutions-driven innovation
Domain expertise in the CPG, media, life sciences, metals & other industries
Peerless capacity in the integration of
diverse data sources for dramatic profitability
and performance gains
Long-term experience in operational, tactical
and strategic systems
Four decades of continuous financial growth
Loyal client partnerships based on
continuous improvement, innovation and
achieving competitive advantage
   What's News
Remote DBA Services - Trust Your Support...Complete Database Management Services
psAdvance is a comprehensive officer performance management solution.
MSA Sports Network combines radio and Internet broadcasts with a rich website for Western PA sports fans
RMDAS™ Raw Material Data Aggregation Service.
EDIT™ - a data management software for transplantation departments and clinics
2014 AWMA Marketplace & Solutions Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada, Booth #926.
Gateway 360™ -- MSA Business Intelligence Solution
Managing data effectively increases quality, streamlines systems and delivers knowledge breakthroughs
Reduce risk by outsourcing audit-grade cleansing, integration, transformation and staging - 24x365
View, measure and drive business performance with precision
Save time with warehouses and tools designed for your industry
Mining new intelligence from your
data lets you set strategy and go to market with confidence
Gain uncommon competitive insight with expert Marketing Mix, Loyalty, Advertising Response, Forecasting, Fulfillment and more analyses
Implement new process models and algorithms for Scheduling, Optimization, Forecasting, Blend & Yield, and Allocation
Get a handle on your enterprise with smart business-practice modeling for ERP, Business Continuity, Security, and Sarbanes-Oxley Audits
Deep expertise in development, automation, and integration gets you better performance -- faster
Benefit from years of domain intelligence with software solutions and support for the CPG, media, metals, life sciences and other industries
Save time and money with our up-to-date knowledge of most hardware, network, communications, OS, software & development platforms
Synchronize your enterprise with ERP, Business Intelligence, Business Continuity, eBusiness & Process Optimization solutions

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