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Management Science Associates' half-century of experience in the management and leveraging of sales and marketing data has taught us the value of capturing and building information from the lowest level of detail, e.g., which exact items are selling through each specific outlet. This extends to our breakthrough work in the vending world, where we have been delivering solutions for over 20 years.

Vending is a very important channel across all classes of trade, representing an average of 12% of total sales dollars for the average Vend Product Supplier - and significantly more for category leaders.

Today, MSA's unparalleled, machine-level sales reporting system helps its client base answer these and other key questions:

"Which of my items are gaining by geography or class of trade?"

"What is my share of the category in comparison to that of my key competitors?"

"In machines where my product has distribution, what percent of machine dollar sales does my product represent?"

"Are my products cannibalizing each other within the same machine?"

A syndicated data service, MSA's machine-level data offers:
  • National coverage with over 20,000 machines
  • Over 2 years of statistically sound machine-level data
  • Industry standards categories for Snacks and Confections
  • Coverage in all major metropolitan markets
  • Unparalleled data cleansing using MSA's trademark Data@Factory™
  • Diverse data sources to reduce exclusivities and biases
MSA's clients are using this robust data source to
  • Determine product distribution by identifying gaps and potential revenue opportunities
  • Optimize product mixes by machine location and consumer purchasing patterns
  • Understand pricing that will be supported across Classes of Trade
  • Gain competitive advantage within their category
  • Identify high-velocity products and when to seek more spirals or service visits
Only with this level of detail, combined with your customized metrics, can you effectively execute fact-based strategies throughout the vend channel. To make those strategies actionable, MSA's reporting tools allow quick and easy access to secured data over the internet via password authentication. To complement your internal system and effectively meet your needs, data can also be delivered using standard spreadsheets or flat data files.

MSA's services in the vending arena can also assist vendors, distributors and vend operators in managing their rebate dollars more effectively. For nearly 15 years, MSA clients have leveraged our flagship, Reseller Information System (RIS), which transforms distributor shipments into census-level data by category and item - for use up and down the demand chain. RIS data can be mined for powerful competitive advantage by letting you track how well you or your partners are leveraging rebate programs.

MSA manages over $1 billion in trade-program funds for more than 18 market-leading consumer packaged goods manufacturers - as well as distributors, retailers and vend operators.

MSA's ProVen projection service provides multiple layers of value-added information to machine-level data. ProVen, the industry's FIRST and ONLY nationally projected data service, is available for the confectionery and snack categories. Our proprietary system takes into consideration influential external factors like industry growth and seasonality and applies them to the data. Thus, projected results reflect an accurate and complete picture of the total industry.

Four geographic regions and the four major classes of trade are projected to represent total sales. Confectionery brand information at the item-level is indicative of industry sales with any sample biases removed in the projected results. Integrate ProVen with syndicated scanner data measuring other channels of trade for a more comprehensive measurement of the marketplace.

Download the ProVen Fact Sheet (PDF)
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