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Management Science Associates' Reseller Information System (RIS™) is a business-performance measurement solution that will revolutionize your trade compensation programs. Allowing you to implement loyalty programs and manage compliance at the census store-level across all classes of trade, RIS opens up new, direct paths to incremental sales, optimized customer relationships and true category management. You and your customers will function as a profit-generating team driven by the same achievable goal -- to make your business grow.

As an added benefit, you will have a census store- and SKU-level database for all retail types, including those that have fallen through the cracks of syndicated services, like convenience store, eRetailers, vending and newsstand. For the first time, you will understand your sales as well as those of your competitors with a powerful level of precision and coverage. This proven formula uses distributor shipment data to build loyalty for your products and deliver uncommon channel intelligence.

MSA has handled RIS business processes for clients since the early 1990s. Today, we manage over $1 billion in trade-program funds for more than 18 market-leading consumer packaged goods manufacturers. This growing MSA client segment depends on us to:

  • manage trade contracts with our hands-on Support Center
  • synchronize and leverage data at the store- and item-level for targeted revenue opportunities
  • integrate multiple data sources (including client-reference, contract, chain-hierarchy and syndicated data; we are the second largest processors of IRI and Nielsen data)
  • use eCentive to calculate complex trade payments based on performance, not just activity
  • provide web-based and query reporting tools, like Gateway 360™, BusinessWEB™ and Analyst Work Station™/LINQ®, for business intelligence
RIS Manages Your Data for You

The key to MSA's RIS program is our unparalleled ability to gather, clean, integrate, warehouse and analyze vast amounts of sales and marketing data. Every week, our Data@Factory™ receives some 7,000 distributor-warehouse files, reporting shipments to over one million unique outlets. Participants break out the data for all brands (even your competitors' products) by each outlet in each class of trade that they service. Our record counts can exceed 100,000,000, and client warehouses range to six terabytes.

You receive weekly information in a manner fully integrated with your own internal sales call information, customer lists or other data and customized to your specific needs. Demographic or psychographic support information can also be matched to your RIS™ data. You have web-based access to the most current information available for all of your customers. These and other data-mining tools are specifically designed for the CPG industry and the calculations and considerations that your analysts need to work efficiently.

Business Intelligence

MSA's extensive analytical staff and proven applications can help you leverage your data for more informed business decisions around the most pressing issues you face. Our offerings include:

New Product Tracking - This EZaps tool allows you to effectively monitor distribution gains and reorders during new product introductions. The ability to analyze purchase frequency, competitive response, potential market share, distribution voids and store performance can ensure new introduction success.

Out-of-Stock (OOS) - Since every day that your product is out-of-stock can cost you money in lost sales opportunities, this tool will help you identify potential out-of-stock situations as they occur. This EZaps application will allow you to quickly identify those lost sales opportunities as well as provide valuable information to revise your planograms and remedy problem OOS stores.

Category Management - You can be a winner with your customers by effectively identifying opportunity gaps, understanding promotion impact, and evaluating product assortment. By delisting marginally performing brands and adding brands more compatible with each stores buying profile, you can improve your customers profitability, thereby developing a valuable long-term business partnership with them.

Key Account Report Card - To effectively devise targeted sales and marketing strategies is a key component to gain competitive advantage. This application tracks top performing brands by key outlets/chains for yourself as well as your competition. It is an integral part of our EZaps suite of tools that will help you increase or maintain your position in the market place.

Brand Performance Overview - The ability to evaluate brand identity can be your company's most valuable asset. View each brand as an independent unit and evaluate it from market, regional and national perspectives. Establish realistic brand strategies based on performance benchmarks. Additionally, this same evaluation can allow you to devise defense strategies against the competitive brands.

Custom Analysis - By incorporating advanced analysis and modeling specifically tailored to your needs, MSA can provide you with innovative business solutions. Price elasticity; marketing mix; sales force deployment; sales force, customer and broker compensation; consumer demand; forecasting and promotion frequency are just a few of the services that MSA currently provides to our customers. MSA's analytical team stands ready to provide you with leading-edge analytical and modeling techniques. Our 40-year history with leading brand owners in the United States and abroad has built a powerful base of experience that can be utilized to help you address your most pressing business issues.

Business Intelligence

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