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With more than 40 years of tobacco domain expertise, MSA is a critical partner in the consistent market strength of our tobacco clients, including smokeless manufacturers, international vendors and fully 90% of the domestic cigarette market. That expertise, combined with MSA's data management, analytical and technology know-how, gives clients complete market coverage, encompassing pooled manufacturer shipments to distributors (CRA); distributor-to-retailer data (RIS); and industry estimates that model highly accurate, standardized measurements of the entire U.S. market.

MSA's flagship information-management programs are those we manage for tobacco manufacturers. Reseller Information Systems (RIS) let clients track how well their demand-chain partners are complying with and responding to trade programs and product promotions - and then help them leverage that data for competitive advantage. RIS transforms distributor shipments into census-level store data by category and item, effectively solving the coverage and tactical limitations of other data types.

MSA manages over $1 billion in trade-program funds for more than 18 market-leading consumer-packaged-goods manufacturers across industries. This growing MSA client segment depends on us to help:
  • manage trade contracts with our hands-on Support Center
  • synchronize distributor data at the store and item level
  • integrate multiple data sources (including client-reference, contract, chain-hierarchy and syndicated data)
  • calculate complex trade payments - based on performance, not just activity
  • provide web-based and query reporting tools for business intelligence
Leaders in their categories, our clients clearly value and benefit from the sophisticated, tactical solutions that can be mined from sound, integrated data, including
  • better customer management/compensation intelligence
  • stronger business relationships and consistent sales growth
  • sales history data, patterns, trends, brand item performance
  • breakthrough analytics, ranging from category and new-product management to pricing/promotion models, forecasting and projections
        MSA Solutions Solve Syndicated-Data Gaps

Because of long-standing - and increasing - voids in retail-channel coverage, the CPG industry has had to re-think how to reliably measure or project consumer sales data for an entire category. Some have leaned on large consumer panels to fill the gaps left, for example, by Wal-Mart's withdrawal in 2001 from providing inputs to syndicated scanner-data services. Still, panel data has its own gaps and accuracy issues.

MSA offers a different approach.

When manufacturers cooperatively combine Industry Shipments data, representing all product sold to distributors, retailers and other direct accounts, each contributor can:
  • understand category trends across the competitive landscape, including in non-traditional channels

  • benefit from total-category forecasting and accurate volume estimations - even without receiving data from every manufacturer in the market, and

  • avoid the vulnerabilities associated with syndicated, retailer and panel data
MSA has a 40-year track record in the data management and analysis of demand-chain and shipment data, and has managed a secure Industry Shipments service in the tobacco industry for almost as long. Chances are leaders in your industry are pursuing this competitive advantage already. Alternatively, our Reseller Information System (RIS) transforms distributor shipments-to-retail into census-level store data - for even the largest chains - by category and item, effectively solving the coverage and tactical limitations of other data types, allowing for complete market coverage, as well as other tactical advantages like optimal trade-program management.

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