Success Stories

Yogurt Industry

At MSA, we have a long history of dealing with consumer packaged goods (CPGs), from candies to cosmetics. But in 2012, a CPG conglomerate spooned out a tasty opportunity for us to work in a CPG industry that was completely new to us – yogurt.
Our client wanted a daily data collection and analytical system to process in-store data by retail location for the entire yogurt category. The data was to include number of facings by SKU, pricing, feature pricing, display, shelf positioning, and category shelf space. Much of this data deviated from the volumetric type of data that we typically collect from distributors, and it required a completely different processing method.
True to our culture, our IMS division jumped at the yogurt challenge and worked in conjunction with our Business Analysis (BA) team to process and deliver this data. Within six weeks of contract execution, we developed the system, and presented our client with the first deliverable.

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Energy Drink Industry

In 2011, one of the world’s leading energy drink manufacturers wanted to boost its understanding of everything from the sales of its beverages to the in-store environments in which its products were sold – right down to the temperature of the coolers in the stores. Going to an even deeper level, the company also wanted enhanced tracking on retailer performance in its incentive programs.
This drink giant had already attempted to collect information from distributors internally, but realized that the various disparate data sources sometimes resulted in inaccuracies within its sales measurement system. Additionally, the manufacturer had developed or acquired many self-owned distribution sites that operated very differently from the independent distributors that sold its product.
There was only one way to quench its thirst for such detailed knowledge -- the manufacturer turned to the Information Management Solutions (IMS) division at MSA.

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