You’re busy. And the last thing you want to do is try to decipher numbers on spreadsheets. We get it. We offer data across the board that’s easy to understand and act on.

And, oh, the quality of that data. The sheer volume of it. And what we do with it.
No one else gathers, cleans, integrates, warehouses and analyzes the vast amounts of sales and marketing data that we do. Every week, our Data@Factory™ receives some 7,000 distributor-warehouse files, reporting its shipments to over one million unique retail outlets. We can break out the data for all brands – even your competitors’ products – by each outlet in each class of trade.
You’ll be amazed at the information we put at your fingertips. And you’ll be armed for success like never before.

Marketplace Strategy

You want data insights that change the way you see your business – and make you look like a hero. Get your cape ready. IMS offers solutions that help you make better business decisions.
Need to know you have the right product on the shelf?  You’ll love Gateway 360™, our proprietary business intelligence tool that gives you the most accurate look at emerging trends. And that’s just the beginning of what this powerful tool can do.
What stores offer the highest potential? We can provide total category weights for every store, and show trends that inform your choice and give you more bang for your buck.
Say you’re launching a new product. We can provide you with a list of stores best geared for success. Then we analyze everything about the launch -- purchase frequency, competitive response, potential market share, distribution voids and store performance.
Whatever your questions, we have the data to help you find the right answers – in the most easy and accurate way possible.
Use us to achieve internal efficiencies and an edge in the marketplace. You’ll feel like you can leap tall competitors in a single bound.
Look to IMS for help with:
  • Measuring and maximizing ROI
  • Managing trade partnerships
  • Launching new products
  • Understanding emerging trends
  • Gaining accurate marketplace measurements
  • Category management
  • Forecasting
  • Assessing your brand performance

Retail Execution

You have a great product. But are you selling it in the best way possible?
IMS is here to help you sell more products, more profitably.
We can maximize your distribution, monitor SKU assortments and detect when products are out-of-stock.
We can show you how members of your sales team are doing, and give you ideas on how to deploy them.
We can help with electronic-ordering and retailer compliance with trade program commitments.
Look to IMS for innovative solutions that:
  • Drive volume growth
  • Speed new items to shelf
  • Keep core items in stock
  • Provide “store scores” for the outlets you visit
  • Enable retailers to keep their plan-o-gram commitments
  • Streamline transactions with distributors

Trade Program Management

You’re not in this alone. You work with retailers who have the same goals – to grow their business.
Your trade programs optimize these relationships, provide motivation, ensure compliance and manage compensation.
And, just a hunch, we bet they could run more smoothly.
In IMS, our Reseller Information System (RIS™) will revolutionize your trade programs, opening up new paths to incremental sales, improved relationships and true category management.
No wonder that, today, more than 18 market-leading consumer packaged goods manufacturers count on us to manage over $1 billion in trade program funds.
Look to IMS to:
  • Manage trade contracts
  • Enable web-based program enrollments
  • Synchronize and leverage data at the store- and item-level
  • Calculate complex trade payments based on performance, not just activity
  • Provide web-based query and reporting tools
  • Manage compliance at the store level
  • Provide weekly, customized reporting
  • Provide a store- and SKU-level database for all retail types
  • Provide audit quality trade management
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