Your world is chaotic. You’re inundated with returned orders, new product launches, and different kinds of data from different manufacturers. You get thousands of emails and FAXes every day. Your manufacturers are demanding more and better data reports. And your competition is nipping at your heels.

Take a deep breath. We can help.
With IMS, we make sure you get the most from your data. So your retailers stay happy. And the competition eats your dust.

Marketplace Strategy

You want to know what SKUs you should and shouldn’t carry.
You want to have enough insight to not be disarmed by manufacturer spin.
You need to manage new vendors. Differentiate yourself from competitors. And deal with messy order processes that suck up your hours.
IMS is here to help. Our affordable tools and data analysis allow you to make better business decisions, offer better service, run more efficiently, and keep your retailers happy.
Look to us for mobile reporting, SKU rationalization, benchmarking and planning.
Our joy is making your business more competitive and your life less chaotic. Along the way, you’ll also happen to save time and make money.

Retail Execution

If you think there has to be a better way to deal with the thousands of orders you get every day, you’re probably right.
IMS offers e-ordering to bring order to chaos. We make order processing, tracking and fulfillment more accurate and easy than you ever dreamed possible.
Look to us to help you keep core items in distribution, keep track of stock on a store level, and be sure you’re carrying the best moving product mix. Our tools and data work hard to keep you organized and a step ahead, so you can keep your sanity -- and your clients.

Trade Program Management

You need an easy way to increase trade that doesn’t require a huge investment.
Unlike our competitors, we get it. We offer affordable ways to help you negotiate better deals and grow your business.
Count on us to:
  • Maximize your trade dollars
  • Manage vendor trade programs
  • Measure trade program compliance
  • Automate your management of vendor accruals
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