IMS offers outstanding solutions for businesses throughout the supply chain.

For Manufacturers

Whatever you make, we can make it better – by giving you priceless insights into consumer demand, the competition and the market.

You’re busy. And the last thing you want to do is try to decipher numbers on spreadsheets. We get it. We offer data across the board that’s easy to understand and act on.
And, oh, the quality of that data. The sheer volume of it. And what we do with it.
No one else gathers, cleans, integrates, warehouses and analyzes the vast amounts of sales and marketing data that we do. Every week, our Data@Factory™ receives some 7,000 distributor-warehouse files, reporting its shipments to over one million unique retail outlets. We can break out the data for all brands – even your competitors’ products – by each outlet in each class of trade.
You’ll be amazed at the information we put at your fingertips. And you’ll be armed for success like never before.
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For Distributors

You want to increase trade – without making a huge investment. Yes, it’s possible.

Your world is chaotic. You’re inundated with returned orders, new product launches, and different kinds of data from different manufacturers. You get thousands of emails and FAXes every day. Your manufacturers are demanding more and better data reports. And your competition is nipping at your heels.
Take a deep breath. We can help.
With IMS, we make sure you get the most from your data. So your retailers stay happy. And the competition eats your dust.
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For Brokers

You’re juggling a million stores and products at once. You need to be everywhere at the same time. You’re frustrated by a lack of information, out-of-control store displays, and territorial competitors.

You need to get more products on shelves. Then you need to keep them stocked.
And you have to do it for store after store after store.
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