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February 25-27, 2014
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  MSA - Information Management Solutions

Today's Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is characterized by rapid change and discontinuity in the marketplace, proliferating retail choices, and intense channel power struggles. At the same time, sales-data sources are becoming less reliable - while your enterprise's decision needs are becoming more critical.

For 50 years, MSA has been a reliable rudder in such turbulent waters, cutting through each new market challenge with leading-edge innovation. We consistently apply data management and analytical solutions across all channels of the "demand" chain, and across all data types, to keep our clients on course with:
  • stronger business relationships and consistent sales growth
  • sales history data, patterns, trends, brand item performance
  • breakthrough analytics, ranging from category and new-product management to pricing/promotion models, forecasting and projections
For the last 12 years, MSA clients have leveraged our flagship Reseller Information Systems (RIS), which transform distributor shipments into census-level retail data by category and item -- effectively solving the coverage and tactical limitations of other data types. RIS data can be mined for powerful competitive advantage - while also letting you track how well your demand-chain partners are complying with and responding to trade programs and product promotions.

MSA manages over $1 billion in trade-program funds for more than 18 market-leading consumer-packaged-goods manufacturers. This growing MSA client segment depends on us to help:
  • manage trade contracts with our hands-on Support Center
  • synchronize and leverage data at the store and item level for targeted revenue opportunities
  • integrate multiple data sources (including client-reference, contract, chain-hierarchy and syndicated data - we are the second largest processors of IRI and Nielsen data)
  • calculate complex trade payments - based on performance, not just activity
  • provide web-based and query reporting tools for business intelligence

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