MSA partners with The University of Pittsburgh's L.E.A.P. ‎on Industry Analysis


MSA teamed with a group of University of Pittsburgh students (L.E.A.P.) to help analyze information for an industry analysis last month.  This effort strongly contributes to the student’s academic experience and provides interesting perspective for MSA.  The students are working with POS data from several tobacco retailers and are investigating several interesting industry questions, such as the impact of lower gasoline process on the purchases of tobacco items and the sales impact of increased taxation in a specific area and surrounding geographies. The students are also tackling the question of the vapor category and the potential purchase interplay with traditional tobacco items.
The League of Emerging Analytics Professionals (aka L.E.A.P.) is a student organization that acts as the outlet for analytic opportunities and driving force to create new opportunities for students across all academic programs at the University of Pittsburgh. L.E.A.P. is the primary conduit for leading analytics companies and organizations to find new hires. Their mission is to stimulate conversation around analytics and develop practical skills for use in this evolving and dynamic discipline through the three pillars of the organization: Education and Awareness, Experienced Based Learning, and Career and Professional development.