MSA and a New Method of Data Acquisition

What if, in addition to the analytics that MSA provides you today, you had a way to:
  • know with certainty on any given day and time (GPS, time, and date verified) that your retailers or distributors were in compliance?
  • know how your product is priced versus pricing for competitive items?
  • know that retailers’ shelves were accurate to planograms? And there were no out-of-stock items?
  • know that the displays you’ve designed and shipped to retailers were actually being used?
And would it be desirable if all of this additional data could be integrated with the volumetric information that MSA already supplies to you?
Gigwalk is a distributed workforce management platform with a network of over 900,000 mobile-device-enabled independent contractors, known as “Gigwalkers.” Gigwalkers collect data and intelligence at retail sites on in-store promotion, pricing, planogram compliance and other trade execution topics using their personal mobile devices. Think of it as an “Uberization” of your trade program management. 
If you are interested in exploring the value of combining Gigwalk’s data collection capabilities with MSA’s integration and analytical capabilities, MSA would like to hear your thoughts. Contact your MSA Customer Relations Representative to discuss how Gigwalk can enhance your RIS data.