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DataServices is MSA's web portal where distributors can manage their data submissions for supplier trade programs and gain insights about their own organizations. DataServices enables distributors to:
  • Quickly identify and resolve data problems.
  • Get help classifying items.
  • Learn about new-item reporting.
  • Benchmark their performance against other distributors.
  • Manage their retail trade programs.
  • Find tens of thousands of verified UPCs.
Distributors and MSA

MSA values our on-going relationships with the distributors who provide MSA clients with shipment data every week. Our 30-person Distributor Support Center strives to make the data transmission process as painless as possible so distributors' compliance with trade programs is recognized and reported to manufacturers. MSA-managed distributor data is used by manufacturers to make over 1 billion dollars in annual trade program payments to wholesalers and their retailer customers. As a complement to our direct personnel support, DataServices gives distributors easier, online access to tools that ensure their data is complete and accurate, whether facilitating data corrections or resolving unclassified items.

Benchmark Reports Detail Distributor Performance

DataServices also provides intelligence back to distributors on their own performance - and how they stack up to others. Using reports sponsored by MSA client manufacturers, distributors can compare against a larger distributor universe their speed-to-shelf for new items and overall item rankings within categories. A "Fair Share" report indicates which vendors may be getting too much or too little of your SKU mix based on their volume contributions.

Trade Programs Management

DataServices can be your access point for MSA Trade Programs Management, which facilitates retailer enrollment in your programs and tracks compliance. Distributors can track store performance and leverage quarterly compliance reports at the store and chain levels. And they can easily view items that need to be purchased to fulfill trade program commitments -- and place the order via the MSA Clearinghouse.

For direct assistance with any Distributor Support Center or DataServices functions, call 877-544-4429.
DataServices login page

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